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    Delhi, Ontario
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    Counting Carbs, Not Calories


    To lose weight, count your carbohydrates and chemical intake, not calories.


    For over 30 years I've mistakenly been counting calories instead of carbs. I've also been watching every gram of fat to pass my lips, certain that the "calories in vs calories out" and "eating fat makes you fat" mantras were the secret to weight loss.


    This is the information I'd be fed by nutritionists, government health agencies, and mainstream media. With so many experts standing behind these theories how could they be wrong?


    Count your calories daily. If you consume too many, get active and burn them off. This theory may be effective for people who are at the prime of their lives and in relatively good shape, but it certainly does not work most of us. If it did, all the unhappy and over-weight people of the world could switch to undressed salads, egg whites, and chicken breasts with a 30 minute walk daily to change their lives.


    For the rest of us - the stressed, the busy, the unhealthy, the 30+ year olds with sedentary jobs - counting calories and fat grams is simply unreasonable in the quest to lose weight and keep it off.


    Once we learned that "all calories are not created equal" we took a much closer look at the different types of calories and how our systems use those calories to fuel, heal, support, and condition our bodies. What we discovered was astounding.


    Our results amazed us.


    With just a few simple tweaks to our diets we were able to lose weight and never be hungry while continuing to live our busy, stress-filled lives.


    Together we lost over 70 pounds in a few short months.


    While our secret (and I use the term loosely as this information is available to anyone with just a little research) is widely known, the diet industry is slow to catch up. Govenment agenices are slower still to adapt recommended food guides. Mainstream media - through celebrity accounts and book best seller lists - is the quickest venue at spreading the word.


    To lose weight easily and effectively, learn the three types of calories - carbohydrates, proteins and fats - and balance your intake of those macro-nutritents daily. By cutting back on carbohydrate consumption the constant hunger will subside within three days (on average) and your body's metabolism resets to burn on fat and protein (may take 10 days).


    While I did mention counting chemical intake at the beginning of this article, there is little more to say on the topic other than limit the amount of chemicals you ingest. It is both sobering and alarming to take note of the amount of additives, pesticides, herbicides, and hormones the average North American consumes in a day.


    By eating clean and wholesome foods (no GMO, no processed foods, as strictly organic as you can afford) you will notice a change in both your energy levels and your weight.

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