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    Hearing Aids: 9 Questions to Consider When Finding a Provider


    At ExposingHearingAids.org we believe selecting a caring and honest clinician who has your best interest at heart is one of the most important steps on the path to better hearing.


    Here are 9 things you need to look for in a hearing aid provider. Someone who:


    Speaks to you in clear terms about your hearing loss and options. Once you’ve had your hearing tested you may be nervous to hear the results. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with technical jargon. You need someone who can explain what is wrong with your hearing and what they can do to help you in terms you can understand.


    Answers all of your questions honestly. Educating potential patients is one of the main missions of this site. You can’t tell if a hearing aid provider is telling you the truth unless you’ve done some research yourself.


    Will never tell you a hearing aid price is “good for today only.” In fact, if you ever hear this, just get up and walk out. This hearing aid provider is only interested in selling.


    Offers at least a 30-day return policy on your hearing aids. Once a hearing aid provider has helped you choose a hearing aid you should utilize the trial period to really see how the device works in the different situations you encounter in your everyday life.


    Will schedule multiple follow-up appointments in the months and years after your hearing aid purchase to make fitting and tuning adjustment as your hearing and your life may change. When you first purchase your hearing aid it can take 2-3 adjustments visits before the hearing aid is tuned perfectly for your needs, this is normal. You want to know the person you trusted in the beginning will be there for you along the way.


    Provides a written contract explaining the terms of your hearing aid purchase. Like any large purchase you’ll want an agreement in writing. A trustworthy clinician will go over the contract with you to discuss any concerns.


    Clearly explains payment terms and options. Again, you are making a large purchase, if you are opting to finance the amount, the clinician should be able to explain the terms. You don’t want any surprises when the bill arrives in the mail.


    Offers a warranty and “loss and damage” terms with a new hearing aid purchase. Hearing aids are fragile electronic devices that can break with normal wear and tear and more frequently with accidents. If a hearing aid has to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair it can be costly.


    Offers a nationwide network of other quality providers who can adjust your hearing aids if you need. When you buy your hearing aid from XYZ dealer they likely work with one or two specific manufacturers. Because of that connection when you are vacationing in another state you should be able to visit another provider with the same manufacturer for emergency maintenance.

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