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    Posted July 22, 2014 by
    CAPE CORAL, Florida

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    CNN Ignores pictures of MH17 Black Boxes showing Missing locator Pinger, IS IT related to MH370 ?


    The photo is disturbing


    IT SHOWS THE BLACK BOXES FROM MH17 ( not Malasia Airlines Flight MH370 )


    But it indicates that the pingers could come loose and if they did land in the water as we are told MH 370 did - they WILL Float with the currents.


    I have emailed and tweeted this photo to ALL the CNN shows and hosts and NOT one has mentioned it or been considerate enough to respond to my attempts to correct their oversight


    Oh well I will now try Fox News - watch Shepard Smith to see if he has enough sense to recognoze a story when he is given one


    for more ON these events GOOGLE " MH370 CNN experts angelfire.com "

    AND READ THE first page that comes up in the returns -- Its Mine too and exposes even more erroneous statements and false expert opinions seen in the Media


    Again, The fact: one of the MH17 locator pingers is missing in the picture of MH17 Boxes COULD mean one of the MH 370 pingers may have come loose too and that was the one they heard the pings from at the end of March in the Southern Indian Ocean - It may have been floating with the currents


    Knowing the location of the pings they heard ===

    if the investigators use their vast resources to calculate drift and currents they could retrace the pingers travels from the point of the pingers they heard in late March back to an area much more likely to have been where Malaysia Flight 370 impacted the water





    #mh17 #mh370 #mh370qs #askdon CNN Ignores pictures of MH 17 Black Boxes showing Missing locator Pinger COULD mh 370  's be related

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