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    Posted July 22, 2014 by

    When jews are hated in Germany again.


    In recent weeks, months or even years I had every right to regain a certain pride in being German. Our nations economy is booming, we won the world cup and we are evolving more and more into being an open, tolerant and democratic society which had survived several economic downturns aswell as the horrors of fascism and communism. Being proud to be German no longer creates a moral conflict within the mind of my fellow citizens and myself.


    And yesterday all of that suddently was somewhat shatterd as "pro palestinian" protesters marched through the city of Berlin chanting "Jewish pig! Jewish Pig!". I had read and seen previous reports out of Paris where "pro palestinian" protesters attempted to storm 2 synagogs and set fire to jewish owned stores during last Saturday and Sunday.


    Everyone knew that antisemitism was on the rise in France so I wasnt suprised, but I didn`t expect to hear such chants, as they had echoed through Germany 70 years ago, on the streets of Berlin.


    It strikes me how most of these protesters were of middle easter descent. Why is it, that after living here for such a long time and being a German citizen with all the rights that come with that, that they still insist on importing such a vicious and disgusting hatred into our country. All of that whilest knowing that this is also the country whos people had brutaly murderd 6 million jews all accross Europe.


    Most important of all, what is it that these people think to accomplish when assaulting German jews? A German jew is also a German citizen. A German jew is certainly also amongst the bravest of our citizens, because he decided to live here, despite this countries history. Giving us a chance to redeem ourselves as a country for the crimes we commited.


    What did that German jew do in Gaza? There is absolutly no way in which any rational person can justify attacking German jews for something that happend miles away and for which they do not have any responsibility.


    Unlike in France, the German authorities have decided that these protests can continue. Protests which seem to have less to do with showing support with the Palestinian people than with framing and threatening jews.


    And I find it sickening that these people are allowd to march past the holocaust memorial in Berlin on friday. A memorial dedicated to 6 million jews who were murderd before the state of Israel even existed. Of all the things there are, this is the most extreme evidence to show the real motivations of these people.

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