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    Posted July 22, 2014 by
    Burlington, Ontario

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    Energy providers must be knowledge providers for businesses, says Active Energy


    Whether it’s in the form of oil or electricity or natural gas, energy is one of the major factors that drives businesses and economies. Globally, as energy demand increases while accessible, cost-efficient supply becomes more difficult to find. The importance of balancing supply and demand will only increase in the future.


    The growing pressure on energy supply is becoming more evident. Canadians are becoming more aware of events like last year’s Polar Vortex, which dramatically raised natural gas prices in the country throughout the winter. Meanwhile, Canadian businesses and industry leaders are looking for new, cost-efficient ways to meet their energy demands in the long-term.



    Active Energy is an energy supplier based in Ontario. Formed in 2005, the company supplies electricity and natural gas to small and large businesses throughout Ontario and Quebec. Over the course of their nearly eight years of growth as a company, Active Energy has become very familiar with the energy concerns of Canadian businesses.


    Moe Hajabed is the Vice President of Active Energy’s Business Services team, and as he mentions, business’ concerns regarding sustainable energy supply is changing what companies are expecting from their utility suppliers. “What we are finding is that many businesses are no longer looking for energy companies to simply supply their energy needs,” says Mr. Hajabed. “The reality is that the business environment is becoming far more sophisticated and businesses have far more specific energy needs. As a result, companies are now looking for their energy suppliers to be knowledge suppliers too [emphasis added].” Mr. Hajabed then adds, “We at Active Energy are more than happy to help in both respects.”


    As far as supplying energy to its customers, Active Energy takes a specialized, customer-centered approach. That means that whether it’s through pure flat-rate plans or mixed flat-rate/variable-rate hedging plans, the company supplies energy solutions that are entirely customized to meet the individual needs of each one of its customers. Active Energy is able to do this as a result of the knowledge and expertise of their Business Services team, which boasts over 75 combined years of industry experience.


    Indeed, the level of service that Active Energy provides, and their ability to offer solutions that truly integrate with their customer’s needs, is very much removed from the one-size-fits-all service provided by standard utility companies. But, Active Energy’s ability to provide customized energy solutions for Canadian businesses also happens to be backed up by an ability to provide its customers a host of knowledge-based tools. Mr. Hajabed explains, “For our team at Active Energy, it’s not enough to simply offer a few energy solutions to our clients and then that’s the end of the story. That’s not comprehensive enough, and in the long-run, that won’t truly help the energy demands of our clients. What we do is follow the ever-changing needs of our clients over the course of our relationship with them and offer other tools that can help them better understand their energy use and how to improve it.”


    Active Energy provides a host of services to its clients, including account management, monthly reporting, asset optimization strategies and hedging strategies, to name a few. “The ability to provide a comprehensive, client-centered level of service – that’s what businesses in Canada are looking for and that’s what we at Active Energy feel is the future of the energy industry,” says Mr. Hajabed. “And we’re happy to be leaders in this next step forward.”

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