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    Posted July 23, 2014 by
    Sydney, Australia
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    Remembering those on Flight MH17

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    For me, flying and aviation are a very large part of my life. When I heard about the disappearance of MH370, I was in incredible shock. After hearing about the loss of MH17, I could not believe it at all. How could the same airline be struck twice by such horrible tragedies? As a passionate enthusiast, I always closely follow updates, and share my opinions and stories of the issue online. I have been doing this heavily for MH17, as well as MH370. Whilst it wasn't still in shock over the incident, I recently was informed that the best friend of my young cousin was onboard MH17. Ten year old Evie Maslin (Australia) was a very close friend of my young cousin, and although I never met or knew her, the knowledge of this made the situation a whole lot worse. I express my sincerest condolences to the Maslin family who lost 3 promising young children onboard that flight. I can only imagine their completely undeserved pain, but share their grief. Despite what many people think, we are all quite close to this incident. If you look deep, I'm sure that many people on this planet will be no more than 3 degrees away from a passenger or crew member onboard MH17, or even, for that matter, MH 370. Everyone is in some way affected by MH17 and MH370. I was so horrified to know that a young girl and her family were killed in such an incident where they had no reason to. They were travelling for a holiday, and had not the slightest connection to Ukraine or Russia.
    When I initially heard about MH17, I was incredibly shocked, yet not so grief-stricken. It took some time for the sadness to really set it. Over the first few days, I closely monitored the situation and posted updates about it, and shared all my thoughts. Now, when looking at the latest images and reports, the sadness and grief is beginning to become apparent. This whole situation was simply not-believable for a while. I think I am now coming to terms with what has happened and it is so tragic. I keep on imagining the scene onboard, with traumatised passengers, young and old. The two domestic dogs travelling onboard who may have been alive for the 33,000 foot fall. It's all so horrific. Seeing pictures of the young children onboard is heart-wrenching.
    As a mark of respect, I spoke to the leaders of my school to organise a minute of silence in our assembly for those lost, and for their families. I'm sure this is being carried out in institutions around the globe, and if not, I encourage people to show some mark of remembrance or respect for the downed flight. I also created simple computer and smartphone wallpapers, and have changed all my device wallpapers in the sake of remembrance. The attached images are these wallpapers. I have been sharing these wallpapers on social media, in the hope that people around me may adopt a similar process to remember and respect all involved in this absolutely horrific incident.

    My country, Australia, has been heavily affected by this incident. There were 28 citizens onboard MH17, and a further 9 permanent residents. our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, publicised a Condolences Book. Using a website, the public are able to express their sympathy for anyone involvedl the book will be later available to all Australians.
    I feel for the Malaysia Airlines family who were still grieving over the loss of MH370. After both incidents, the crew are always performing their job with the incredible MH hospitality. There are passengers who support them, and rightly so. The MAS family have been hit incredibly hard. Two consecutive total aircraft losses within such a short period of time is devastating. A total of 525 people have lost their lives with MAS this year. I can not comprehend how devastating it must be for the airline.
    As an aviation enthusiast, I grieve over any aviation incident, but this is much larger than any one I have experienced before. I continue to be in disbelief, shock, anger and pain. One day, justice shall be served.


    If anyone would like to show their support and respect with a wallpaper for their smartphone/ tablet or computer, leave a comment and I am more than happy to create a document sized for your device. There are no costs, and no copyright markings at all. It is all in the name of respect.

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