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    Award Winning Author And Funny Lady LaRae Parry Releases 'Life Support Dang Near Killed Me'

    Humorous books for adults are everywhere. Very few humorous fiction books hold out healing as the primary focus of the work however. Award winning author and funny lady LaRae Parry survived what doctors said would be unsurvivable. She did it through humor. She now offers others the opportunity to discover the healing power of humor.

    Going against a premonition and her body's instinctive gut-feeling that she was too sick for surgery, LaRae relinquished her own judgment to that of the surgeon's, telling her, "Come in and I'll evaluate you first." The surgery was performed and Parry ended up on life-support, not expected to live. Parry shares her experience in her new memoir, 'Life Support Dang Near Killed Me', subtitled, 'Beware the Greedy Surgeon'. LaRae discloses this horrific true story in hopes that readers can learn from her mistake-never surrender your own judgment for that of another's.

    Even though the events she reveals are tragic, she tells the story with a sense of humor - something that helped her survive the unsurvivable.

    Readers of this book will worry, laugh, cry, and possibly cheer as Parry shines the light on the many things that can go wrong and go right while enduring trials and tribulations.

    “I wrote this book," Parry stated, "to help readers learn that they can survive anything using a little bit of humor. Life on life-support was one of my greatest challenges. It was right up there with giving birth, and raising teenagers. No kidding. It’s more fun to laugh about situations, than cry about them. Laughter produces endorphines. If I can’t have an epideral, I’ll take natural endorphines any day. Hopefully this book will help release some endorphines.”

    In the tradition of authors Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry, LaRae Parry's work could be said to be quirky, offbeat, kooky and even a little crazy. But Parry knows first hand the healing power of humor and that is her focus. In 2005, she suffered a major medical ordeal which landed her on life-support because of multiple major organ failure. She pulled through. But while the Internet and social media were just taking off, she was learning how to walk, function, and even read again. She lost years of painting skills, years of spelling expertise and her editing skills among other things. She was in a world of darkness because she lost her ability to create, read, and write.

    After years of therapy, and hard work, her mind began creating again. She was able to comprehend some words, but struggled with reading. It was through her struggle to learn to read that her writing career sprouted. Even though she'll always struggle with reading, writing brings her great joy and is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

    Her debut novella, 'The Danish Pastry', won the Author of the Week award and finished in the winner's circle for Author of the Year Competition. Her other books, 'Journal of a Crazy Lady', 'Crud . . . Another Journal', and 'Hubba Hubba Santa Claus' have received rave reviews.

    In addition to her published works, her other activities include publishing the 'Crazy Lady's Advice Column', where she fields questions and gives off-the-wall advice infused with healthy doses of comedy and satire.

    LaRae Parry is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at laraeparry@gmail.com. Her books are available at Amazon and CreateSpace. More information is available at Parry's website.

    About LaRae Parry:

    LaRae Parry is a published artist with 12 books published. She considers herself to be a "very famous author who nobody knows about."

    Even though she'll always struggle with reading, writing brings her great joy and is what gets her out of bed in the morning.
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