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    Getting Around Geo-Blocking of Netflix, Hulu, and other Geo-blocks


    If you’ve never vacationed further from your home than NYC or L.A, you’ve likely never experienced a geo-block before. For those of us who have ventured out, or for all of those many people living outside of the USA, you’ve likely seen a screen that looks like the one above.

    This is what happens to me when I try to watch my Netflix account while travelling, to the Alps in this case. Many other websites have similar geo-blocks for those outside of the USA: Hulu, some YouTube channels, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report’s video streaming, and many others.

    Geo-blocking, or geo-gating, is what happens when companies are too lazy to sort out their copyright issues with other countries. Perhaps they see your country as unimportant and will never seek to fix the problem Getting around this is known as Geo-dodging, those of us in English speaking countries who want to watch American show knows all about it, so what can you do about it?


    Other problems with geo-blocking of content and websites?



    Geo-blocking isn’t just about preventing people from outside a country from viewing content, it is also used to keep people inside a country from viewing it - courtesy of their own government. China, Brazil, Iran, UAE, and even the UK have some forms of government sanctioned geo-blocking on content trying to get into their countries.

    A solution that many people turn to when faced with this problem is a VPN provider. VPNs are mostly well known for how they help encrypt your data, getting around geo-blocks is a bonus of what they do.


    How does a VPN provider get around geo-blocking of Netflix?



    To cover the basics, a website knows where you are thanks to the IP address that you carry with you everywhere. Your IP address is so precise that a website will be able to narrow down where you are down to the street you’re on.

    A VPN provider will get you around geo-blocking by simply assigning you a new IP address while you surf the web. Websites that you visit will then read this new IP address and read you as being from wherever the VPN says you are.

    Say you’re vacationing in Switzerland and you’ve had a tumble while skiing. While resting up for a day you go to log into your Netflix account...only to see that screen above! You paid for your account ,why can’t you access it? These 5 VPN providers can help you unlock the geo-restrictions on Netflix regardless of where you are!


    A VPN provider can free you on the internet


    Not only does a VPN service provider give you added security online, keeping you freedom from being observed, but it will also gives you the chance to unlock geo-blocked content. Free from spying, and free from blocks, you’ll be able to truly experience the Internet the way it was meant to be.

    The amount of restrictions that are being imposed upon you may shock you. Even those in the ‘democratic’ UK are having all kinds of restrictions placed on their Internet, and they may not even know it! Try out a VPN and see what you can unlock.

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