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    Best Option To Make Life Easier - Overcoming A Failure Mindset By Andy Shaw


    According to international speaker Andy Shaw we could all just be working too hard, and really just need to let go a bit to find success and make life easier.

    Best seller author of "A Bug Free Mind" Andy Shaw told me in a recent interview that he didn’t spend too much time looking at the opposite side to success, as frankly he knew that studying the problem just wasn't the solution, and that in fact it would just cause the problem to expand. He continued by saying that there were times though when the problem just needs to be expanded on a little so we can actually begin to feel enough pain to make the required changes to make life easier.

    Andy stated in his own words "it is when all people feel enough pain that it allows them to overcome their lack of self confidence and do what they want to do with their life, instead of letting it slip away from them... So if your life is not going according to the way you once dreamed it would, and you've reached the point of wondering, why is life so hard? Then what I am going to cover in today's interview are just a few of the traits that make up a ‘failure mindset. In fact, if you notice them, you become aware of them, and great power to change waits for you in awareness."

    "What I'm about to reveal also just happens to be the mindset of most people on the planet and if anyone reading this is not living the life they desire then they are almost certainly one of them." said Shaw, followed by this quote by Napoleon Hill "Whatever we give our dominant attention to, becomes our reality."

    Mr Shaw then got up on his footstool and began by saying... "Successful people focus on what they desire... and they work in every way they can possibly conceive to bring that desire into their reality. They dream about where they are going but they focus their work on doing the steps which are needed to take them there. Unsuccessful people focus on what they don’t have and what they don’t want. They do not have a clear picture of what they do want, so they can’t focus on that.... because they can’t see it! Instead they focus on the lack of what they want.

    So I asked Andy what his solution would be to just make life easier, and he replied "the easy solution for them is therefore to focus on their lack of money because they see that as the solution to their problems. They wrongly assume that money alone will improve their position and their self esteem. However, money has its own set of problems, but unsuccessful people can’t slow down to notice that. They see money as the solution to everything and that they will deal with the problems that come with it, when they get to it... They think that when they get there, then there will be much better than here, so they would rather have that."

    Andy said that if any reader could identify themselves with such a mindset, then they are concentrating on lack and will not create abundance, as you cannot create what you want by focusing on the opposite. He continued by telling me that the solution is to not focus on what you don’t want but to create a world where when you have what you desire, what you are struggling with right now to get away from... simply cannot exist. In a nutshell he said "Successful people focus on what they desire... and they work in every way they can possibly conceive to bring that desire into their reality."

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