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    Posted July 23, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Hillary Clinton is Still Too Far to the Right for Liberals to Endorse for President

    Liberals are not fully onboard or wholly against Hillary Clinton should she run for President.
    But we know little about where she stands on entitlements and it makes us uneasy.
    When Obama was elected, many Liberals felt that he would expand the FDR-era programs but that's not what he did.
    Liberals are tired of Democratic candidates that sound more like Republicans than they do a Democrat.
    We saw this when Governor Andrew Cuomo was elected in New York State.
    Sure. Any Democrat is better than any Republican these days when the GOP will not stand up against the Tea Party's stupidity and show themselves as a party that's capable of governing rather than obstructing.
    But given the choice of Hillary Clinton, whose intransigence on renouncing her vote in favor of the Iraq War in 2003, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who unequivocally comes down on the side of middle class families, and peace and prosperity through investment in the middle class; Hillary may need cross over liberal Republicans to get elected.
    Clinton's views on the Iraq War cost her the presidency in 2008.
    When asked about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, Clinton is in favor of trial and punishment.
    She sides with TPP and has failed to revisit NAFTA.
    Her cozy relationship with Wall Street makes middle class voters wonder if she's capable of bring about really meaningful reform or like Obama, will work around the edges for appearances' sake.
    Will Clinton agree to chained CPI for Social Security recipients?
    What about college loans? Will she work to see that college grads can refinance?
    Will the NSA spying on Americans be curtailed?
    Will she pardon whistleblowers and set in place a government accountability program to see that our government is again accountable to the people?
    Will she invest in infrastructure, fight for good paying jobs and against outsourcing and stop the speculation of oil traders and the banksters that rip Americans off daily?
    Or will she prove to be just another corporate Democrat as Cuomo and Obama have become?
    We need Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to run and debate Hillary Clinton to pull her back to the left.
    We need a debate among Democrats as to the viability of the political process and to restore the belief that government can do great things again.
    But of course if the U.S. House remains in the hands of the Republicans, Clinton, as with Obama, will be hard pressed to accomplish anything meaningful because change doesn't benefit the GOP or so they believe.
    Maybe they can disregard the Stock Markets record gains under Obama, but that fact hasn't been lost on the middle class of Main Street, where many still are struggling in an economy that's designed to benefit those whom already have plenty.
    We need Democratic warriors like Warren and Sanders.
    Question is: Can Hillary come back from the right to the left or at the very least, left of center?
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