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    Posted July 23, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Optics Matter


    While  the world is burning, President Barack Obama seems to be dancing. He is  not slowing down his golf games or his fundraisers.

    Today, the President is off to California for more fundraisers and partisan politicking.

    While there is nothing wrong with either activity, in times of multiple crises - optics matter.

    The pictures being seen give an appearance that the President is not in  tune with what is happening. The optics show a President more intent on  partisan dabbling rather than a display of a world leader in the midst  of battle.

    Optics matter.

    The story is not new.

    Recently when again optics mattered, the President declined to go to  our southern border to view the humanitarian crisis of nearly 60,000  children crossing into our country. The President opted to be seen out  at the bars in Denver, shooting pool and drinking beer.

    Optics matter.

    The world, nay the US of A, is crying out for a leader. The world looks  at American television or newspapers and see not a leader, but a man  too busy to care.

    Optics matter.

    This does not mean that the President is not on top of the situations going on, but the visuals give a different impression.

    Today when the first bodies of those passengers slain on Malaysian  Flight 17 were returned to The Netherlands, where was the President or  Vice President Joe Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry?

    True, only one passenger with dual Dutch citizenship was an American,  but does not the White House realize and understand the signal that  would be beamed to the world, to Russia, if the US of A was seen  standing in solidarity with the king, the queen, the Dutch people, as  those bodies were returned?

    It is the visual which has the  strongest immediate effect and provides the most stimuli. It is not what  is heard nor read which can inflame the emotions as much as what we  see.

    For a President, who has never been shy of a photo op,  suddenly, when it matters - the President doesn't want to be seen in a  "photo op" as he said recently about the border crisis.

    It is  not, Mr. President, what you say, your Secretaries or your ambassadors  say which has the most impact as much as what image you send to the  world.

    Optics matter.

    From the Cornfield, when will  this Administration begin using some wisdom and realize there are photo  ops and then there are photo ops?

    It is time to realize how you  look to the world and Americans determines how the world and Americans  perceive you, Mr. President.

    To be thought of as a leader, a strong leader, a world leader - you must be SEEN as that image.

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