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    Posted July 23, 2014 by
    Conway, New Hampshire
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    The return of NH Teen, Abigail Hernandez

    We celebrate that Abigail Hernandez has returned home. While many theories are posted online, we hope at some point that there will be some kind of explanation as to whether or not the public needs to be concerned for their own teen daughters.

    Abby arrived at her mother’s home Sunday eve wearing the same clothes she went missing in. We do not know how she arrived home, but that she is now safely home and that is a good thing. What is concerning, however, is seeing the released photo, from the NH DA’s office, and the eerie feeling in seeing her clothes laid out on evidence bags. That is normally seen when someone has been located deceased or an unidentified body has been found and the clothing is a clue to their identity. Rarely, if ever that I can recall, a missing person is found alive nine months later in the same clothing they wore at the time missing. I can only make an educated guess that the reason the NH District Attorney is asking “if anyone saw a girl wearing these clothes on Sunday” is because someone dropped her off and they want the identity of that person.

    Now I can be wrong here…but what I find as “odd” is that if Abby ran away with someone, out of her own choosing, I would think she was supplied with clothing and would have come home in different clothes and not a heavy sweater that she left in…certainly not on a hot evening. This makes me wonder if her clothing was withheld from her, nine months ago, and perhaps she was able to talk “whomever” into letting her go and they gave back her clothing and dropped her off. However, it’s only a guess and I just find it hard to believe she actually ran away of her own choosing and would casually walk in her home, in the same clothes, after nine months.

    I also do not believe all the rumors of her being pregnant and gave birth away from home…as that would certainly implicate many adults covering up from delivery to adoption, etc. I think that is just malicious rumors and ridiculous guesses.

    The only other possibility is that Abby refuses to tell where she was all this time and the DA knows that no child could be gone this long without adult assistance….and due to the hundreds of thousands of dollars put into finding her…they want that adult.

    With all this said…we are all very glad she is home safe and prayers for her healing and recovery…however, I do strongly believe that an explanation needs to be made, for the public to be calmed. In other words, the public doesn’t understand why the DA cannot come out and say “We just want to let the public know to not be alarmed and fearful for your daughters in that Abigail was not dragged off the street by someone in this community so you need not be alarmed. Use the same normal cautionary teachings for your teens regarding stranger-danger as you do now.” Certainly that is the least they can do?

    If Abby was held against her will, we believe the DA has a responsibility to alert the community even if by saying that “Abigail was not a runaway teen and we have a full investigation ongoing. If anyone has information, please call the NH State Police or FBI.”

    If someone did hold Abby against her will, the perp is not stupid…they know an investigation is ongoing…they see the DA is asking if anyone saw her that Sunday night in those clothes? How can it hurt for the DA to make a bit more of an official statement…even for Abby’s sake? Halt the rumors of a spoiled runaway teen nonchalantly walking back into her home, or a runaway teen who gave birth? The coming home to heal is hard enough why make it harder for her to face her peers or the public? Clearly her clothes were taken as evidence. People are not dumb. They know law enforcement does not take a runaway child’s clothes as “evidence.”

    It’s also mind-boggling that such a massive campaign existed showing Abby (in the very same clothes) and not one person noticed “the missing child” walking down the street that night? Nobody passed by her and thought “Isn’t that the missing girl?” Course, I can tell you we had a missing man in New York a number of years back and one of his friends actually saw him crossing the street and thought “No, that cannot be him…as he is missing.” This definitely goes to show that more public education is needed on the importance of taking a cell photo and calling law enforcement when one sees someone who resembles a missing person.

    Regardless of what happened over the past nine months, Abby is home now and she and her family need to heal together. I do not believe that “specifics” of what transpired needs to be publicly divulged …unless Abby herself chooses to want to tell.

    Written by, Cynthia Caron
    LostNMissing Inc.
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