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    Posted July 24, 2014 by
    Dayton, Ohio

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    Dignity of a Nation

    Today at CNN I saw that how dignified, humane, sensible and emotional welcome Dutch people gave to remains of all those souls who were on MH17 flight. How they become global citizen and how with so much of dignity Dutch government handled this whole ceremony. No speeches, no politics and no drama, just silence and a very dignified way to welcome the souls back to their land and give them rest in peace.

    I was crying during this whole time watching the whole ceremony and was thinking where the world is going? Are we leading to another world war.

    But I think most of my agony was for my own nation "INDIA". The country we talk highly about proving world class scientists, arithmeticians, engineers and most importantly the world doctors. But despite of all this academic achievements where are we leading as a nation in Dignity, Justice, Equality and most important value of a Indian Citizen.

    Does India as a nation and indians care about these terms? Do we even understand them?
    I lost 7 members of my family last year in kedarnath tragedy and I was there when the whole so called rescue operation was going on to save the few, who some how managed to escape the catastrophe.
    All indian government was doing is to provide food and transport to those who some how managed to cheat death. Those who were lucky....
    That was the definition of rescue operation. Just after four days of the tragedy and one day after the start of rescue operation since they were not even aware of the cloud burst tragedy at kerdarnath for three day, Indian government declared that they will not transport the death bodies, they will not look for survivors in mud or those who were trapped under stones. They will not look in jungle as that's not reachable.
    India is a country who denied to cremate his own citizens not one, not one hundred but more than 8,300 citizens. India is a country where more than 8 thousands bodies were left in Jungles to decompose as their own country was not sufficient to hunt down them and give them a dignified cremation.

    Where we as a country are going? Does dignity and Justice exists in India?
    There will be many who will jump to criticize my comments but if do understand the meaning of dignity and
    Justice and are a rational thinker, just come out of that self ego and patriotism and agree with the reality.
    Because till the time we will not accept the problem, nothing will change in INDIA!!
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