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    Posted July 24, 2014 by
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    Stop The Spin Cycle !


    A Plea to Humanity


    Both sides need to stop their constant spin. Hamas as well as Israel are using political spin for their own gain while many, many civilians are being killed.  And it sickens me.  The IDF said today that they asked for 3 days that that UN safe house be evacuated. But in the same breath, they said that they do not target UN safe houses and they dispute ever receieving a message from the UN asking for time to evacuate the building.  What?  That makes absolutely no sense and shows a complete contradiction. Why were you asking then that the building be evacuated over the last 3 days if you didn't have plans to bomb it?  Israel needs to stop their spin. And it sickened me that Israel freaked out over the FAA ban simply because they did not want to give Hamas a "victory" and tourism would be hurt. Really?  Does pride and finances trump safety?  I don't think so.  And to Hamas, stop your crusade to destroy Israel. The people of Israel live in constant fear everyday of their lives that a rocket fired by Hamas will land in a heavy populated area and kill thousands of innocent people.  And let's not forget that it is the Palestinian people who are being killed at an alarming rate.  And while I do believe that Hamas is using women and children as human sheilds, I also think that Israel is apparently targeting UN safe houses and any other buildings that they believe are being used by Hamas to hide weapons.  The only problem is that it is these buildings that women and children are running to for safety!  Israel, the attacks by Hamas on your nation does not in any way justify your decision to eliminate Hamas weapons at any cost.  If there are womean and children in these buildngs, then use those ground troops.  Get in there by foot, and help the Palestinian people evacuate any potential target.  Both sides need to stop. Hamas needs to stop their campaign of killing and Israel needs to stop their blockade of Gaza and open up the borders so that the Palestinian people may live like human beings. They need food, water, shelter and their dignity. I have never posted any political comment on any site before, but I literally am sick over all this political B.S. from both sides.  We need an immediate cease fire so that humanitarian aide can get into Gaza and help the suffering people.  And the Palestinian people need to rise up against Hamas because Hamas does not care about your lives.  They just care about their crusade.  A crusade of hatred and the detruction of Israel.  Do not take on their cause .  Do not be used as pawns.  You deserve your dignity.

    I am neither pro Israel nor pro Hamas.  I am pro humanity.  No spin here.

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