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    Posted July 24, 2014 by
    Charlotte, North Carolina
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    African-American Women: You Are The Prototype

    http://liveitloveitdoit.com/site/2014/07/african-american-women-you-are-the-prototype/ As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across a video of a young woman using a lip plumper. (see below) I must admit, her lips look much fuller and sexier but who is she emulating?

    After watching the short video clip, I thought about a blog post I read a while back via Psychology Today, written by Satoshi Kanazawa. He boldly claimed black women are less physically attractive than other women. Below, please read an excerpt.

    Satoshi Kanazawa
    “The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone. Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races, and testosterone, being an androgen (male hormone), affects the physical attractiveness of men and women differently. Men with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore more physically attractive. In contrast, women with higher levels of testosterone also have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive. The race difference in the level of testosterone can therefore potentially explain why black women are less physically attractive than women of other races.”

    Psychology Today quickly removed Kanazawa’s blog post after receiving backlash from the African-American community and psychologists who claimed Kanazawa misinterpreted data. Honestly, I don’t need data to prove African-American women are NOT less attractive than any other race of women. Naturally, most African-American women have full lips, high cheekbones, darker skin and beautifully shaped eyes. African-American features are sought after and some of those who do not have it, are paying a pretty dollar to get it! Unfortunately, you’ll never hear anyone say, “I’m tanning because I want darker skin like African-American women” or “I am getting lip injections because I admire the full lips of women of color.” Europeans have been emulating our look and culture since the beginning of time but will never give credit where it’s due. Well, I’ll say it: African-American women, you ARE the prototype! Your thoughts?
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