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    Posted July 24, 2014 by
    Temple, Texas
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    Dish Network RSP Dishes Major Paycuts to all technicians in the field


    I work for Southern Star Inc. Dish Networks largest regional service provider. I've been with them for almost ten years now. I am a master technician, which is the highest rank a technician can reach. As a matter of fact I was the first Master Technician ever in my office and have been a Master Technician for many years. Over the years the corporate office located in Poteau OK has increased their demand on their technicians. They have changed our work requirements so often that we can not keep up with all of the requirements. We all as technicians understand that a business must continually change in order to sustain. The changes have just become unsafe and unhealthy and in certain cases mentally abusive. We are told to STFU which we all know as Shut the F... Up.. We are told.. Keep your damn mouths shut... There is a lot of bad things happening to technicians on this job... a technician who had a heart attack (most likely related to work stress) is treated poorly on a daily basis. A technician who caught heat stress in an attic in Texas heat fell through a customers ceiling and was horribly wounded... he was continually lied to by the company about his position on workmans comp and the company sneakily fired him. Another tech was a double heat stroke victim and he was fired after the company had already made other arrangements with him because they know it was their fault he got hurt. For the last year we have seen an influx of new hires. We are forced to train these new guys and when I brought it to the attention of the management, I asked them if we are training our replacements, or whats going on, are you trying to reduce our pay and hire these new guys at a lower wage. They stood by their no answer and said that the forcast calls for the biggest work flow the company has ever seen. Big Lie.. Big BIg lie.. Heres the deal, they secretly planned all of these new hires to be trained by the best technicians Dish Network has ever seen. Me and my fellow trainers.. Now that they have built the force up big enough they dropped the hammer. I was on my first vacation ever . I took my girlfriend to Disney World and our children too. I popped the question to her in front of Cinderellas castle and she said yes.. It was a crowd grabber. everyone, about two or three hundred people stopped what they were doing, they surrounded me on my one knee and her in her happiest moment of her life and they were clapping and singing in two or three different languages, they were taking pictures and video. It was truely magical and I have it all on video if you want to see it. While on vacation, i kept receiving these weird text messages from other techs telling me to prepare myself when I get back, it became bothersome because I received so many. So I took on of the techs calls and he told me the new deal. The next pay period will begin our new pay system. Every technician in dish network took a pay cut, not a small cut, a significant pay cut. Last year I brought in over 70000 and just like every other technican I earned every damn dime of it. Now I will be earning for the same work and quite possibly more work just about 40000.. Which is a significant loss, almost a fifty percent pay cut. All technicians have received the major pay cut. Some technicans have dropped to about 13 dollars an hour. These are people with families. I know some people make less than that, but this is a professional job with serious dangers involved. There was no financial reason for that cut other than to line the pockets of the corporate bosses. My daughter is now a senior in High School and for the last ten years we have done nothing but talk about how I was going to send her to college.. It was our mindset to put her in college. Now it will be impossible. Technicians were also told to not discuss how much they are making an hour or they will be fired. I came home from vacation and couldn't sleep because of the pay cut, I don't know how I am going to make it. I figured well let me call the director of operations because if I can't sleep because of this paycut I think I deserve an answer as to why,. So I called him up around ten thirty pm. We were talking and he kept telling me its not a big deal and no one is going to be hurting, he told me I am living outside of my means then if I can't live off of the new pay scale, (well I wasn't before the paycut, I was doing just fine). Then I asked him the big question.. Darryl, did you or any other manager receive any pay reduction? He laughed and said no. I lost my cool and gave him a piece of my mind. Then I was written up for it when I came back to work. I am not that kind of tech to get written up for silly little things that are preventable. The only other time I was written up was a few months back when the managers were working on a plan to get rid of us, I was written up because 4 customers had called in on what we called our TCR line. Well that is the number we were forced to give the customers and tell them to call, if we did not give them that number we could have been written up for not giving them that number to call. A catch 22 if I have ever seen one. I hope this story gets out and the truth is out there as to why Dish Network IS one of the worse companies to work for. We may be the RSP but we all answer to Dish Network. All of the technicians and their families are scared of their once well deserved and earned middle class futures. We are now going to be poor thanks to one greedy group of individuals who keep our jobs threatened every meeting. We wish we could just leave but there aren't many jobs out there and they know that. Even today, I was well into heat exhaustion but when I told the Field Service manager on duty, he took a long time to respond until after I sent a text to his boss. The dispatcher kept making jokes about it too. I even said that I need a doctor and they didn't take it serious until after 9 text messages and a phone call. The safety manager didn't answer his phone either.  I quit this job after the first paycheck with the new wages.   The Human resource director lied multiple times to the Texas workforce commission and I got one month of Unemployment because I found another way to make income.  However I would love for you to do a story because there are so many people today still going through this.  The summer time is coming and I'd like to help them get better working conditions and pay if possible. 

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