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    Posted July 24, 2014 by
    By a Lake, Minnesota
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    I Would Love Your Feedback - Military Children


    ***Above image doesn't really correlate to the story. When I had selected it, I didn't remember that it was a photo I'd taken in a local cemetary on Memorial Day. The next two photo's are more appropriate for this....***



    A little background:


    My husband had previously been deployed to Afghanistan for 14 mos. It as the hardest time of our life.... even harder than my two different cancers. He was in a region where communication was spotty, at best, so we rarely heard from him.


    His deployment was made harder because I was an active alcoholic - using alcohol as a means of coping with his absence (I've now been sober over 2 years - and that time of my life invokes much sadness and shame) - however, I am now healthy and present for my amazing children.


    With all that said, we have an opportunity to join the military full-time and travel with my husband as he goes to different places. I'm sure there will be times of distance, but hopefully not as long as before... although one can never be sure, which is one of my dilemma's.


    Knowing the pain it caused our family to have him gone, do we risk it (and his LIFE) again for an opportunity where my husband is doing something he loves? Keep in mind that I'm no longer drinking (but would that drive me to drink? Good Lord, I hope not!) My parenting would be different and I'd be available more, so in turn, my boys would have the full support of their mom this time.


    I worry about switching schools again for my boys now that we've just gotten settled and bought a house in a great school district that they seem to love.


    How will they fare? What are your thoughts? I want what is best for our family.... that's my sole intention. I want my children to grow up in a home that is healthy and loving. A home that will give them the best tools they can to succeed in life. The boys aren't really 'go-getter' types, but they seem to acclimate pretty well to new places.


    Oh - and before I forget, health insurance plays a significant factor here, too. I wish it didn't. Because of all my health junk, if we were to get civilian insurance, we would be unable to pay our bills. I have multiples scans each year, as well as new tests happening all the time (yay, me! ugh - lol)


    At this time, our family is doing wonderfully. My husband, boys and I are closer than ever before and my husband has an interesting job....although it's not quite paying all the bills.


    Personally, I write. I make furniture and artsy-fartsy things. I'm also a make-up artist, too and can use my talents wherever possible. So, a career move isn't a factor for me.


    If you are from a military family and/or are living with one, can you please give me your thoughts? The good, the bad, and the ugly....


    I want to do what's best for us and am honestly torn on what direction we should take.


    Thank you so much.... I wish many blessings upon you all.

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