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    Posted July 25, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Personal Opinion

    My personal stance on the Ukrainian conflict.

    I was born to a Ukrainian mother and a Russian father in eastern Ukraine and left the USSR as a baby for Eastern Germany. I was to young to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall, but I remember the changes that followed and would determine the path of my own life. My parents never returned to a country they called home, an empire that all of a sudden ceased to exist. Today I am 27 years of age and since then I had lived years in Germany, the US, Switzerland and France. I am grateful to my parents, because now I am living a privileged life in Munich. Fate could have played a different game with me. Maybe I would be one of these young men, soldier, journalist, or separatist, who finds himself duck in a trench knowing that a bullet would hit sooner or later.

    Blaming one side of the conflicting parties is the easiest choice to make, it requires a minimum of reflection. There is a massive crack down on freedom of speech and press in Ukraine today. Russia is known for having massive issues in this field, but the developments in Ukraine are alarming.
    I currently witness attempts of a complete revision of history on both sides. Recently I read an article in a German newspaper "FAZ" by an American historian who is obviously trying very hard to completely rewrite history in the interest of some geopolitical strategists in Washington. Russia is historically the closest country to Ukraine and the conflicts cracks through economy, relationships, friendships and family. I have family fighting on both sides of this conflict. These people love each other, what happens in this conflict is ridiculous and sad. People need to understand, that this conflict has no future. Ukraine is not an island and there is an ocean separating the US and Ukraine. The western backed government in Kiev is playing a very dangerous game in this conflict. And Ukraine is a very heterogeneous entity of people with multiple identities. People of Ukraine had problems to distinguish their ethnicity before this conflict started, being Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Christian and whatsoever at once was not a contradiction. And Russian, not Ukrainian, is the Lingua Franca, pretty much everywhere in Ukraine, except a little area in the west originally know as Galicia.

    The only solution to this conflict lies in the hearts of the people of Ukraine and Russia and in the enlightenment of the ruling elites in both countries. Russia needs to get rid of its imperialistic endeavours on former Soviet and Czarist soil to make place for new stimulus of development. And Ukrainian officials need to deradicalize and understand that Ukraine and Russia share one history and will always have to live with each other due to factors like: family relationships, friendships, a common language, culture, history and last but not least a geographic proximity and shared boarder.
    I hope Ukraine will surpass these revolutionary birth problems, learns to walk quickly and upright, and will play a decisive role in the region. Because brothers and sisters on the other side of the border (Russia) will watch closely what is going on.

    I recommend an article by Russian novelist Vladimir Sorokin: "Ukraine within us". Unfortunately I only have a link in German, but maybe you can find an English version on Google as well:

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