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    Posted July 25, 2014 by
    encino, California

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    kristal night in France

    France without Jews. Jews without France
    This article is dedicated to Jordan Ben-Simon , a lone soldier from Lyon, who died in Operation "Enduring Rock".

    A few days ago I visited Rouen. Little cute town in the north-west of France, whose contribution to the history of the world is limited by the fact that it was there was burned heroine of France, Joan of Arc poor. During walking through the historic center, I came across the "Street of the Jews"; explanatory note below the name of the street says "There was an important Jewish quarter from the 11th to the 13th century."

    As you might imagine, now this place is no important or quite unsold Jewish Quarter. Even the street is not Jewish - so, a board hanging. You can guess what happened to the Jews of the quarter, although the plate modestly avoids this problem - probably on vacation leave.

    In 1306, the Jews were thrown out of France; today they hastily leave the country themselves in a situation that some commentators compared with Kristallnacht. Over the past few days we have seen an attack on French Jews, their synagogues and shops. In the past year the number of repatriated to Israel from France exceeded the number of immigrants from the United States, despite the fact that the American community is ten times more French.

    Jewish teacher, who in March was beaten and "decorated" the swastika teenagers.

    When in 2004, Ariel Sharon advised the Jews of France as soon as possible to move to Israel, his words were met with indignation; French foreign minister demanded an official explanation to this "unacceptable statements", and Theo Klein , who at that time was the chief representative of the French Jewish community said briefly: "It is not for us to solve it." And even in today's climate are commentators who believe that the Jews "themselves ostracized." Israel's former ambassador to France, Ali Barnavi , published July 20 articlewhich can be summarized briefly as follows: anti-Semites do not like France, the law severely persecutes them, ideological Islam - is primarily a threat to the whole world, and the Jews have occasionally fall under the distribution. And in general, in France for many Muslims, and many Jews of all collisions. And all sorts of arguments about the threat of a new expulsion of Jews from France Barnavi politely called "Panic of idiocy."

    Let us examine in order.
    In France, indeed, many Muslims - from 5 to 7 million to 65 million of the total population - the exact figure is not known, as the government has no right to question people about their religious affiliation. In the UK, home to 2,786,000 Muslims in the 63 million population. In France, home to half a million Jews (yet), on the other side of the English Channel - about 290 000 Even if we take an overestimation of the number of Muslims in France, as a percentage of the total population, they are not far ahead of England - 4.55% vs. 4.42%. English, the Jews behind their French co-religionists and as a percentage of the total population (0.46% vs. 0.76%) and purely quantitative (English community - slightly more than half of the French, 58%).

    If we follow the logic Barnavi , the UK Jews must pursue with the same hatred and energy, as well as in France. However, this is not so; Moreover, many of the French refugees settle in England - in a synagogue north London have already established custom, French minyan, which is regularly visited by 120 people. A recent European survey showed that anti-Semitism is only a problem for 11% of British Jews; against 52% of French Jews.

    Maybe in France Islam some particularly ideological, that's why the Jews goes from the general sense of completeness? But politically peaceful Islam does not exist anywhere, and most of the horns of hatred and distorted news broadcast in English and not in French.

    Barnavi writes that Islam three things right: "Syria, Iraq and Palestine" (like that - Palestine in third place) and its ideology "has no relationship to the Jews ... it is organized terrorism ... is a global problem." Islam - a global problem, I will not argue. But put on a par Syria and Palestine - is not going to. I was in London during a demonstration in support of Syria - a very peaceful quiet the crowd was under the supervision of the police;mature women and children carried placards which asked the British government to intervene and help their families - on the strength of accumulated three hundred people, those who are really affected by this war.
    And here's what a demonstration against Israel (in the sense of, in support of Palestine) in the same London.

    Reached 15,000 people (a conservative estimate). In orange and yellow vests - it's the police and other officials. With wry faces - it sympathizers. Three girls in the second photo have the same attitude towards the Palestinians as I do. But the protest.
    And against (or for) of Syria and Iraq will likely not protest - it all confusing and not very interesting. Whether America's fault, or the wrong side of Russian weapons sold, whether the same France who then promised something and did not. And in general, in Iraq the war is over. Or over? If Muslims kill Muslims it probably can, because this is not pripletesh colonialism, apartheid, racism, and all sorts of other isms. And the fact that Syria has killed 110,000 according to the most conservative estimates (of which, incidentally, 2,200 Palestinians), so it is only interested in a couple of hundreds of Syrians who had managed to escape from this hell and who probably can not understand why no one came to their demonstration and why nobody is willing to impose sanctions against their abusers.

    I agree with Barnavi - in the world of Islam is now really hurts the soul for Palestine, Iraq and Syria (can not hurt, as in our understanding with you, and may many Muslims worry that it is not all / not those blasted, but none less - it hurts). Only to get sympathy from disinterested parties in the Iraqi and Syrian conflicts, requires that these disinterested parties at least know where some of these countries are on the map. And they are there, in general, is not shared.
    And then, if 2 Arab (or 20 or 200) will arrange a fist fight in the streets of Paris and start smashing shops each other, because some Sunnis and Shiites others, it is not even interested in the channel Al-Jazeera. All jailed for hooliganism and say "Wild monkey, what do you want?". (If you do not believe me, read about the behavior of the white government during the riots, arranged black teenagers in 1992 against Korean stores in Los Angeles).

    But for Palestine (ie, against Israel) to protest easy, simple and understandable.Everything. And the "offended" and the indigenous population. And here comes out the factor that Barnavi somehow bypasses; the factor by which a Jew in England to be easy (at least safely), and in France and Belgium - on the contrary, restless and insecure.
    This factor - the historical anti-Semitism of the indigenous population.

    France has only recently begun to move away from their Catholic roots, despite all the efforts of the revolutionaries. A Catholic roots they were very strong - for centuries, France was "the eldest daughter of the Church", and since Charles VI (which finally and irrevocably expelled the Jews in 1394 m), the French king had the title of Rex Christianissimus - the most Christian king. Everyone knows about the Inquisition, but not everyone knows that the birthplace of this famous organization is not Spain, and France.When the Jews began to return to France in the 16th century, the king promised penalty and complete confiscation of property Christians who dared to give them shelter or even just talking to them.

    Some semblance of equality between Jews received after the revolution, but until 1846, they were forced to take the oath More Judaico when testifying in court - a humiliating ritual in which, depending on the country of residence, the Jew was
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