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    Posted July 25, 2014 by
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    Where is the Outrage over Persecuted Christians Around the World?


    For quite some time we have been hearing about the horrible treatment of Christians around the world and while there is acknowledgement there is no real outrage.


    Our nation has lots of outrage for many issues, but why not this one? Believers and non-believers went crazy over the controversy surrounding the religious beliefs of the owners of Hobby Lobby and Chik-fil-a but not over the killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt. In the US, has our faith been reduced to fighting over birth control and gay marriage? Shouldn’t we instead be focused on allowing people to have their faith and beliefs without fear of persecution?


    Our newest outrage seems to be directed at Israel if the huge protest in Chicago on July 20th is any indication. Currently at least 770 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza and while that is a very large number it does not compare to the lives lost in Iraq in June. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, at least 2,400 Iraquis died in violence in June, with 1500 of them being civilians.


    In Iraq right now Christians are faced with a choice, flee and basically surrender all you own to The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or pay an exorbitant tax. There have been accounts of Christians who have refused and their refusal ended up causing their women to be raped and men to be killed.


    In Nigeria, when the Chibok girls were abducted there was a worldwide campaign to “Bring Back Our Girls” as there should have been. How horrible to abduct those poor young girls and submit them to who knows what, but what about the Coptic Girls in Egypt? It is estimated that over 550 Coptic Christian girls have been abducted; the Catholic News Services says that many of these girls are converted to Islam and then married off to their captors. Why is their horror less captivating to the world? Where are the celebrities and politicians holding signs for these girls?


    The killing of Christians is not restricted to just the Middle East and Africa, it also extends to North Korea. Just recently Kim Jong un order the execution of 33 Christians for setting up underground churches. According to Open Doors, there are approximately 50,000-70,000 Christians currently imprisoned in the country's notoriously brutal labor camps.


    I have noticed a significant rise in disfavor for Christianity here in the US; it frequently plays out right here on I-Reports. The Hobby Lobby decision and the outrage that accompanied it, really spotlighted how little our nation truly values an individual’s religious rights even if that individual owns a business. I know that a lot of people think that one man made the decision for the company and 5 men made the decision for the nation, but we all know that is not true. These 6 men are just a small representation of what other people in the US also believe, even a person like me, a woman.


    I watch people around the world who desperately want to exercise their faith be prevented from doing so in horrible ways and then I watch people in our own nation demanding the right to throw those protections away; I just don’t get it.

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