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    Posted July 25, 2014 by
    Brooklyn, New York

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    Florida Congressional Candidate Embraces the I Declare World Peace Project


    Will Bronson - Democratic Candidate for Florida’s 17th Congressional District – finds synergy between his push for peace and Brooklyn’s I Declare World Peace global art project.


    Rita Gelber, a Brooklyn based photographer and the president of I Declare World Peace, Inc., announced today that the core message of the I Declare World Peace project (#IDWP) has been adopted by Will Bronson as one element in his multi-issue campaign to represent the 17th Congressional District of Florida in the United States House of Representatives.


    Ms. Gelber said: “We are thrilled that our rapidly expanding social media campaign to raise global peace consciousness has resonated with someone in the political arena, and particularly with someone as astute and capable as Mr. Bronson. His pro-peace enthusiasm, backed by a firm intellectual grasp of the complexities involved in actually promoting peace, puts Mr. Bronson at the forefront of creative thinking that can lead to a changed paradigm.”


    Bronson, reached at his campaign headquarters, expressed one of the planks in his platform: “Don’t buy the line that the government is your enemy. Yes, they make many mistakes, but the monopolies want to get government out of their way, or alternatively, get them to feed them tax dollars and sweet no bid contracts like Halliburton and Blackwater that made a killing off the wars, at the expense of our GIs", he said, noting that “endeavors and efforts like the I Declare World Peace project can change thinking and focus attention on the economic benefits of peace. Unlike politicians”, Bronson chuckled, “the IDWP project is non-divisive and suggests that peace is the responsibility of each of us. I agree with that.”


    When told of Bronson’s remarks, Ms. Gelber observed that “politicians often have to take strong positions to distinguish themselves. And while IDWP, as primarily an art project, essentially takes no position other than its foundational premise that thinking about peace can lead to actions consistent with peace, we find Mr. Bronson to be a compelling advocate for the needs, not only of his constituents, but for the citizens of the planet, certainly as far as the issue of peace is concerned. In the 1920s the world agreed, in writing, to end all wars through the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which is still a valid treaty. Bronson seems to be reviving the thinking behind that pact, and we are happy to participate. After all, both Kellogg and Briand won the Nobel Peace prize.”


    Learn about the Bronson campaign
    www.bronsonforcongress.com #FL17


    Learn about the I Declare World Peace Project
    www.ideclareworldpeace.org #IDWP

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