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    Humanity is failing


    We all live in a world full of injustice greed and deceit. We fail to recognize that despite how close we are to each other through means of technology we are the furthest from each other in terms of humanity. Our elected leaders are in conspiracy against us hand in hand with our oppressors and dictators, they have formed an elitist club that has kept us not only out of the loop but at odds with each other. We are blinded by our differences and our vision is opaqued by a dream to be part of something greater, a mirage, a membership to the hate club that is defined by our political and geographical borders; tiny invisible lines carefully placed on a map to link geographic landmarks and give us a false sense of elitism over those across our borders.
    We are defined by insignificant relationships with flags, sports teams, political parties and dictated religious beliefs.
    We have formed allegiances to flags instead of to each other, to religious doctrines instead of to humanity's common goal in survival.
    The world is a global village in which every body is at his brother's throat.
    Whether or not you believe in god is not the issue of debate nor is your devotion to a land and property, the issue is your lack of devotion to mankind and the greed in rising to the top through means of stepping over your fellow man.
    We micro manage earth instead of managing the commonwealth of earth, We would rather make a quick buck today than ensure the survival of our species tomorrow, we ensure our individual survival today rather than enrich our future and fulfill our destiny to inherit the earth. We declare our visionaries are crazy and dismiss our commonalities in favor of a future where one group survives and flourishes as others die in despair.
    When is it that humanity wakes up?
    What makes us any different today than those who committed atrocities against us in the not so distant past?
    Throughout history we have seen those who try to elevate themselves above others to differentiate themselves from the rest of humanity, those who kill, ravage and murder in the name of elitism, nationalism, religion and god. We have used our laws and religions'  out of context to serve our sick and demented needs to control, conquer, enslave and subjugate or fellow man.
    Africa is ravaged by war so that we can reap it's benefits in gold and diamonds. The most fertile continent on the planet in soil, natural resources and precious metals and gems is living in poverty and torn by conflict because we would rather have gold and diamonds today than a healthy ecology tomorrow. The same thing that enriches us today is what is going to devastate us in the very near future and yet we have no concern what so ever over what happens there.
    And for the fulfillment of self prophesies.
    In the near east, the cradle of life and the source of our greatest achievements lies our greatest misery. The fulfillment of our self prophecies in the Armageddons of our respective faiths.  Different goals but all through means of war and conflict; some for the need to re establish their faith, some to conclude it and some to protect it but where is glory in death? Where is life in killing? Where's strength in oppression? and where is God in hate?
    We have failed miserably as a species to realize a common goal, to achieve a totalitarian system for humanity's success and survival and until we realize that what goes on in one corner of the world is going to eventually affect us on the other side of the world and ensure that our leaders are those who can achieve just that when in places of power we are doomed as a species.

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