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    Posted July 25, 2014 by

    Are we still Monkeys?!

    I do not know how many times and against what — all diseases, I hope — I have been vaccinated since the minute I was born. I am pretty sure that you don’t either. It is not a concern most of the time, though. Or I’d rather say, not a concern as far as we call it “vaccination”.
    What if I say some of those injections have deeply affected your body AND mind while being completely unnecessary? I mean, to the degree that you would not have been the person you are if you had not taken those chemicals. Let’s say the very way your mind works and you perceive the world around you and relate to it would have been fundamentally different than it is now… Considering this, would you have easily agreed to all of those so-called vaccinations?
    To illustrate how negligent we have been to this issue let me draw a parallel. You must have heard something about these tracking devices. It is a little electrical chip mounted on a moving object, can be a human, which sends out data about that object, for instance its location, to a real-time surveillance system. It has been around for some time now and there has been suggestion for its possible uses — from the police tracking potential criminals, to parents worrying about their children’s whereabouts; from zoologists studying a turtle, to doctors constantly following a patients’ blood pressure... Now, imagine that twenty years from now, one of these chips will be installed inside the body of every born child. And if we go on like this, people living in 2100 will be half humans and half robots, half flesh and half diodes!
    And we will have only few people, like the current author, wondering with what chips they have been vaccinated since the minute they were born, or even before that.
    I am not one of those religious people worrying about intervention in gods’ creation. All I am trying to say is that we should re-think about the way we have moved and are moving away from our biological base. The process is gradual and hence inconspicuous. Be prepared for the day when you’ll be asked to vaccinate your child or grandchild with a keyboard!
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