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    Posted July 25, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Gaza Massacre

    The world stands strong with Israel as it massacres the innocent of Gaza. Understandably, Israel has the right to 'defend itself' against an already, broken, destitute and impoverished people. With its' ironclad defense system it must wage an onslaught of destruction by air, water and land to make sure that even a 4 year child doesn't secure a missile somehow and launch it at them. Palestinians have no right to defend themselves. As reiterated by world leaders, that right is only applicable to the Israelis because once again they have suffered so much. Palestinian life is not worth or comparable to the life of an Israeli or any other human being for that matter. They are oppressed and occupied by Israel and astonishingly slaughtered in the name of defense and blamed for not evacuating. Evacuate to where?????
    Israel's intentions, the world leader's intentions are not to harm civilians or children and yet over 800 lives lost have been just of those. Thousands have been displaced from their homes with nothing left to their name, as if anyone cares about their names or their life story... their lives don't matter, their children don't matter, nothing matters because Israel has all the rights to live and protect itself with the billions of dollars in aid it gets from its supporters... It would be a shame to have all that arsenal go to waste. They bombard relentlessly because no one is going to stop them. While the Israelis can download apps to run from death the Palestinians wait for death as it is inevitable on them as result of the brutal oppressors. Israel has decades long of bloodshed on its hands of the civilian of Gaza.. Every few years they set to systematically annihilate the innocent, every time the sickening phrase "Israel has right to defend itself" is thrown around and the decimation sustains.
    The ‘powers that be’ are acting concerned and trying to burn midnight oil now to broker a cease fire and pledge this much aid as if to rectify everything and life goes back to normal. It is too late. The infrastructure is destroyed, lives shattered, obliterated from a meager existence to begin with. Children, civilians traumatized, without family, without their homes, their community, stripped of their faith and hope in this world. How do you go on from losing your children, losing an entire family right in front of you??Couple months of therapy ought to do it.
    I am sorry, people of Gaza for the atrocities you are enduring at the hands of Israel while the so called world leaders sit idle, watch with indifference to your humanity.
    I am sorry for the distraught father who in the chaos of sirens, missiles bombarding in the middle of the night, forgot his 4 year old son as he gathered his family and ran.., I am sorry for the parents with children who's faces are scathed with shrapnel wounds, bloodied, bandaged, without limb, whimpering to their parent to not leave them.. I am sorry for the elderly man in a wheel chair wheeling himself in chaos, weeping because there's no safe place...I don't need to be in their shoes to speak up against brutality, to be silent is to be just as guilty as the oppressor.
    Disheartening and disgusting to see such gross injustice in this day and time. This is not a war but a one sided slaughter. President Obama, highly highly highly disappointed in your lack of stance. Where is/was Your humanity????

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