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    Avon Park, Florida
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    The Cure to AIDS

    The Cure to AIDS

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano
    To: The People and President Barack Obama
    26 July 2014

    I think I finally discovered the answer and solution to curing AIDS. I created it as a incurable disease in the winter of 1976-77, that was what was requested by the CIA under George H.W. Bush, who later became Vice-President and ran the government using his figurehead Ronald Reagan, an excellent team.

    I knew if I did exactly what they said, without first protecting myself, they would use it to take me out. Our agreement was I will do whatever they ask as long as it doesn't get me killed. Therefore even an incurable virus could not be created that could take me out. Therefore the cure to AIDS had to be in me all the time.

    Think about it, for 25 years the VA continually tested my blood, to check for signs due to medications I was almost forced to take, that never had any positive effect. What did they do with m y blood? Do you think the government really think I am crazy. I worked for the White House. Think?

    I think once I prove a few things, we will be taken seriously enough to get some money for this discovery. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alone is worth about $50B. I could probably earn at least $100B for the cure within one year. But my concern is what and how it will be issued. I think a $200B initiative could eradicate AIDS. They plan to spend about $25B, not really accomplishing anything put long term treatments the government has to pick up the tab on.

    Therefore, I have to own at least 51% of this drug. All we have to do, is I will write a grant and need help finding the proper licensed professionals to carryout this research project in Avon Park, FL.

    I want the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the research. Have someone verify what I just said at the Veteran Affairs, they have plenty of my blood. Once the Bill Gates knows my blood fights off the virus, we will proceed to determine the numbers and ownership of the cure to the AIDS virus. I do not think you can do this without me.

    I do not want people running up on me with needles acting foolish. My blood is AB+ and it would kill most people in a transfusion. Have patience we waited this long, if people believed me, this would have been the first place they would have started for AIDS research. But I am so damn crazy and all types of other names, it wasn't even worth consideration.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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