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    District of Columbia
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    There are no healthy cities in America, Here's why!


    There are no healthy cities in America, especially when the majority of people in every city throughout the entire nation are sick, or are suffering from some so called stress, depression, or health related issues that can all be linked to the use of toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.


    If you see ANY color out there, other than the new products like Pepperidge Farms Rainbow Goldfish and other natural fruit, or vegetable dyes. It's made from essentially the same petroleum based coal tar that's to pave our roads and parking lots, driveways, and the shingles on your house use it too. Petroleum based coal tar it's a known group one carcinogen which ultimately that means it's 100% bad for anyone, or anything. If you slopped raw coal tar into a plant it would die, when the fish and other wildlife in the Gulf became covered in the raw crude oil it killed them and it will wreak havoc in the oceans for many years. Coal tar is an undeclared allergen and the undeclared allergens are basically just chemicals that are physically and chemically incompatible with anything that is "living"


    When you visit a family member who likes to feed and see the hummingbirds flying around, the colorful flakes you feed your fish, the fruit juicy candies you give to your child it's not something you want your child, pet, little harmless beautiful flying creature to have. I saw several of those bright red fluid filled sugar water.


    I've seen really very few hummingbirds in my 50+ years they seem to be rare, I'm surprised that there are any left at all. The dyes are just one example of the problem in America. The big corporations wont to silence those who are speaking out about these things and the media who is owned by those corporations, or who own the stocks and bonds making billions while you spend every penny you have on paying your doctor and insurance companies. The whole thing is a scam. Doctors and the people in charge could stop the onslaught of toxic chemical additives and the GMO doom that we've been tested on for too many years.


    Every single solitary problem you see in literally everyone that you see every minute of every day for the past however many years old that you are is being harmed, poisoned with deadly carcinogenic chemicals that cause DNA damage to everyone who consumes, or uses them.


    It's so bad that children are born with organs that do not function, a pancreas that doesn't make insulin, with an inoperable cancer, a young innocent child who has just been brought into the world that only has maybe 200 months to live. The pain that brings to everyone is extremely overwhelming and it doesn't go away, you carry that pain with you forever.


    Anybody who claims that their city is healthy is either lying, or they're completely blind to what's going on in America, or is living in a fairytale world looking through rose colored glasses clicheing you to death with they're manic joyful outlook on life.


    The reality of life in America isn't an American Dream, it's an American Nightmare.


    The medical nightmares caused by the horrible things being done to everyone is beyond comprehension for most people.


    I see the News Media reporting on the great successes people have after having a stomach bypass, or lap band surgery... Oh, how wonderful it must be to be thin!


    I am quite incensed with the news media that does this, Actually the corporations that are owned by the doctors and other professional. Honest professionals embrace what I am talking about while the dishonest criminal type of profiteering professionals that don't care what you choose to do as long as they can profit from it. But the thing is that they don't know that they too are being poisoned and while you can enjoy making a fast buck in the long term, you're gonna need to save every penny you get so you can give it to your doctor to make you feel better after consuming and using all the deadly toxic chemicals in everything you use every minute of every day. And now on top of everything... there's the GMO stuff


    Genetically modified organisms, which are organisms that grow and live. The unfortunate part is that they are modified to be resistant to the use of Round-Up brand weed killer, So the round-up kills the weeds that grown around those organisms. And when you use round up on them... they soak up the Round Up and then you eat it. And die.


    I searched for a list of known GMOs.


    I found this!




    Check your cupboards and if you have ANY of these products return to the place of purchase and make them give you your money back. Or to give you store credit for those products. Also tell them why you can't and won't buy or use those products any more.


    Because like I, you have an interest in having a healthy life without the problems caused by the poisons forced on us by those big corporations profiting from your sickness. I you look at who owns the stocks from those corporations you might see a large number of medical professionals that in the long run profit from whatever illnesses you have from using the products they're sponsoring and funding through the purchase of stocks in those evil corporations.


    I debunked the Mythbusters claim that Soda/Softdrinks cause excessive dental damage and decay. I wonder who holds the most stocks in those corporations?




    The additives cause 99.999% of all behavioral disorders and quite possibly causing most birth defects. Which it seems has increased exponentially over the past 50+ years.


    SIDS = Sleep apnea.


    Adults have an inherent ability to maintain their breathing when they stop due to sleep apnea they have multiple disruptions per night and never get a good nights sleep.
    Sleep deprivation leads to other problems. But a newly born child has not yet developed that unconscious inherent ability stop breathing and die.


    This happens all too often, all related to whatever mom ate, or used like soap shampoo, creams, lotions, or even contact lens solution containing EDTA (Formaldehyde, cyanide, lye and some other chemicals)


    New mothers have no clue that this is happening, You have this idea and notion that you're doing all the right things but then truthfully they're not because they aren't aware that even their mascara and eye liner are putting those chemicals into their bodies and when mommy eats, or uses something.... baby uses and eats the same thing. You unknowingly taint your blood and other important things with toxic poisons that hurt and harm the development of that precious child in your womb.


    Body fats collect these toxins and if you're heavy and you get pregnant the baby gets all the toxins you've stored plus whatever you consumed, or used during your pregnancy.


    Toxic attack from all directions on you and your baby.


    Doctors don't know this, or they don't feel they should order a patient to not use anything that would harm the developing fetus growing inside their body.


    Is this a failure on the part of all medical professionals, or are they victims of the same manipulation as the rest of us?


    They don't know this either, or they wouldn't be eating these things themselves. Hospitals are forcing their employees to either stop smoking, or find another job.


    If people don't care about what they eat and suffer from the type of behavioral disorders that make them unable to think rationally at all times.


    If a jury has a mans, or womans life in their hands but don't have the capacity to think rationally without anything effecting those rational thought processes, what kind of fair trial will anyone get?


    A police officer is acting appropriately but then in the heat of an exchange they suddenly snap and beats a homeless woman on the side of a California interstate highway. Never meaning to carry that sort of thing too far.


    Looking at Facebook, the comments some people make to others.... Mental illness at it's finest.


    Everyone is a victim!

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