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    Introducing Author Kristina Stutts, Author Of Mirror Image

    You don’t have to look that far to find a good author these days. Thanks to the Kindle, Lulu, and CreateSpace, it is easier than ever for authors to get their stories told. There are also small publishing companies that are willing to help independent authors get their books published without having to give up a lot of rights. A small publishing company could be a great choice for an author that wants some help getting his or her book published and marketed. Your neighbor could be working on the next best selling novel and you wouldn’t even know it. Meet Kristina Stutts, one of the authors affiliated with Distinguished Press, a publishing company for independent authors. She’s the author of Mirror Image, which is a sci-fi romance novel. Yes you can blend science fiction with romance. That’s one of the things independent authors do that authors with traditional big publishing houses don’t do. They are allowed to be creative with their novels and aren’t stuck in one genre.

    Ms. Stutts grew up in Texas and South Carolina in a household where family nights included sci-fi movies that would turn into cult classics. She enjoyed classic sci-fi flicks like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. Of course she also watched many Disney classics. She uses these experiences to create well rounded characters that her readers fall in love with. In a recent interview, Ms. Stutts discussed her views on writing and sheds some light about her experience working with a small publisher. When asked why she selected a small publishing company instead of publishing the book independently, she said, “With a small press, there are several people working to improve the works and promote each other. We succeed as a team.” So working with a small press can help authors create better books and get a built in marketing team. Ms. Stutts also said that one of her favorite parts of the writing process is getting honest feedback about her work. Ms. Stutts says that she gets that from the small press team she has with her Distinguished Press family.

    Here’s an excerpt from Mirror Image:

    The car came to a stop inside a parking garage. The driver and Jackson came around and opened up her door. Jackson grabbed her arm, preventing her from being able to run anywhere. Maddie was ushered into an elevator that went down.
    "Where are we going?" Maddie asked nervously.
    "I'm sorry," was all Jackson would say to her at that point.
    The elevator doors slid open, and Maddie was pushed into a long hallway. Jackson escorted her into what appeared to be a conference room. Maddie sat down in one of the chairs that surrounded the oval table and was left alone.
    "Sorry to keep you waiting," Jackson said upon entering.
    "You've been apologizing a lot to me since we've met," Maddie flatly said.
    "It's not going to stop either."
    Maddie paused for a moment, remembering what Jackson had said earlier. "Alright, I think I'm owed an explanation."
    "I'm afraid you're right." Jackson paused right by the door. "Again, I'm sorry, Madison," he told her before knocking on the door.
    It swung open, and a woman walked into the room. The woman had short, dirty blonde hair but there could be no mistake: she looked exactly like Maddie.

    You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to publish a book. You just have to have a story to tell. There are publishing companies that will help you get your book out. You don’t have to do this alone. You can follow Kristina Stutts’ lead and have your book published as soon as you get around to getting that manuscript finished. If you’d like to find out more about Kristina Stutts and future book releases, go to: http://kgstutts.webs.com/.
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