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    Posted July 27, 2014 by
    Denver, Colorado
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    Who taught you to love food?

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    Biscuits and gravy a culinary delight

    I have found that, while on the road during travels, undoubtedly there is a painful twinge in the back of the brain; a hankering hunger for a breakfast mess of fluffy, mongo buttermilk biscuits slathered in peppery, white country pork sausage gravy.  Few can fight the urge, must give-in and satisfy that unnatural hunger.

    One never knows when one will hit a B&G horde.  Truck stops and small family-owned restaurants usually provide the most delicious B&G.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Biscuits and gravy, in my opinion, is the finest breakfast grub ever invented by humanity.

    Did you know Biscuits and Gravy has a Twitter account (@biscuitsgravy)?

    My fascination with this wholesome treat started in my teen years.  I remember vividly when I first made biscuits and gravy.  It was Sunday, December 1, 1991.   I recall that foggy, frigid day like it was yesterday.  I was 16 at the time and whipped up a hefty batch with my best friend.  The culinary delight had ground turkey white gravy with white pepper and was goodly, fall on the floor, on your knees delicious!

    I am the founder and President of The B&G Society, a vagabond group of people who search the world over for the holiest of holies: the bestest plate of biscuits and gravy ever!   We at the B&G Society are ever searching, always seeking, the holy grail of biscuits and gravy.
    The search will never stop.

    I pride myself on taking the quest so very seriously.  I know that the finest plate of biscuits and gravy is out there somewhere.  Some say B&G is deadly and I laugh!  I consider B&G to be like the Japanese delicacy, fugu!  The hunt for B&G takes determination, foresight and leaves no room for bashfulness.  It's a rough road.

    Don't be afraid to photograph your biscuits and gravy.  You shall not be persecuted.

    In the constant search for biscuity goodness, this unique quest has taken me to 29 states upon this great American land.  North, south and even Alaska have I searched and searched for the ideal biscuity knowledge.  I seek the one true source!

    Homemade is usually best.  Nothing compares to the righteous and stout recipe by GrandPappie Roy Bailey.  I was weaned on his freshly split buttery enchantment.  I used to watch him craft breakfast and it was a magical scene to behold.  He was a cook in the World War II and he could do things with bacon that I dare not mention.  He taught me how to cook.  His biscuits are legendary!  His breakfasts were hearty.  I salivate.  He made breakfast the way his forefather ancestors crafted the B&G in the age of old.

    Old GrandPappie Roy Bailey perfected his blissful recipe when he was four years old back in Saratoga Township, Pratt County, in 1925!   Forget Bisquick; he made his exquisite biscuits from scratch and they made you rise on up and proclaim with a hearty holler, "Roy Bailey's biscuits make me sing in jubilee!"  Come on now, say it!  Holler it!

    Add his goodly biscuits to perfecto gravy, the sweetest sunshine, all made from the drippings of the finest browned breakfast pork sausage, and you've got yourself a mess of breakfast delight!

    It's a treat to sit down to a steaming plate of biscuits and gravy.  Try it.  They taste good at any meal at any time of year.  Even midnight on a moonless night with nothing but the stars to illuminate the perfect meal.
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