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    Posted July 26, 2014 by
    Gaza, Israel
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

    Conflict in Israel And Pointless hatred.


    It is so strange that you Supporting a nation that fighting against human kind, nature, and the western world, instead of putting them in place, you Supporting a terrorists group that exploit the
    weakness of Israeli soldiers, and taking a child that he's family voted for the Hamas terror organization and this child choose to be in a fighting area instead of home safe(were is the parents here?!), they easily taking
    those children's and using them as human shield Are you serious??! They hiding rockets in schools and hospitals, and you blaming again an again Israel in war crimes when the world ignore that Israel have the right to defend itself as a normal peaceful western country.


    the crime is that you keep calling this in a snobby way- conflict when meanwhile it's a war, they fighting us and
    want to annihilate Israel, and they starting it again and again every 6 months... - like someone will launch rockets on the times square everyday and USA Population Remain idle about this.-are you fucking Serious?
    why there is no support in this world for a nation that suffer for 2500 years from murders, rapes, forced conversions, and exile. there is only 6 millions Jews in Israel and about 14 millions in the world-there is nothing left...
    Are you a Nazis? You really blaming Israel for a war-crime? The Muslim only wish is to eliminate all the jews (and the western world) and they sad it out loud.
    And for 1300 years by the kura'am, written "death to the Jews" (a book that based on the old bible - great, by the way... thank you so much using the 10 commends of living with people and NATURE correct!)
    and we're so sorry for naming all the gods an spirits here under one name because you can't insult a spirit by calling it by another name.
    Also in Hebrew in the bible they wrote god[el] as gods[elohim] but we treat this word as god [yuva, yehuva, jeuva]in the end...
    So as a peaceful spiritual man I must say thank you World, for blaming us in war-crimes... Oh no I forgot this one thing you really like Terror, that calling them selfsPalestinians (another K'nans' pagan tribe that their original place was Ashkelon city-I cant see the problem calling them Israelis too).
    And you must understand I'm always try to make friends with every one.


    -but let me tell you something,I am an Israeli Jewish, last month I was in Spain in a hostel with a Turkish guy, and after two days he come up with this amazing story that I stole from him a 600 Euro, they throw me out of
    the hostel without checking it out - not so fair, and then called the police, in the station I had to wait 3 hours and then they told me that I need to sign on papers that is in Spanish only, Asked for English version but no, there was not, they told me to sign that I claim nothing (after I repeated again and again to say that I'm innocent.-and they didn't accepted this) after this "rape" they told me it's better to leave the country (I was there only 4 days) because this is not a "Police complaint" and
    they told this guy that Claiming in court it's much better for him If he want me out of the country.
    and guess what? They Won I'm really not so much into a trial on my vacation, so this world is so full of haters that I'm almost also starting to move from left to right.
    but what can I say? Israelis like the most to eat in Arabian Restaurants (something like 70-80 percent of the times..) ,
    And inside the border of Israel there is 21% of Arabian people that already living in Coexistence (and I won't lie to you some of them choose to Betray their country..)


    And what about what going on in Europe lately, is it OK? - to be so "democratic" to accept neo-Nazi parties all over again?
    And your Pro Palestinian Point of view about this conflict is this right? Are you really believe in this?
    Maybe I should go to Canada and leave my door open all night because this is the last place on earth that have a safe society like we used to have some thousands years ago.


    So thank you world now you have your hands tied.

    And your minds changing in to hater slowly.
    How would you feel if Israel will support al-Qaeda.
    Why won't you support your allies!?


    The truth about hate is that you got a problem with yourself, I mean it's pointless you must be a loser if you turned to an hater!
    Then you must be a paranoid or a slave to a sick society If you are one, but in the end you blaming someone else for your failure nothing.
    For example Israel sending money and Food and supplies to Gaza and they buying with this weapons, rockets and feeding with this fighters.
    Instead of building Infrastructure and to feed children. Do not blame Israel for war crime ever again.
    It's better to fight with the right ideals of peace, then to hate and do nothing, or to fight for a fake cause, because FALSE idles falls..
    Thank You for reading this and have a good day.

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