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    Posted July 27, 2014 by
    Bongaon, India
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    By Asit Saha
    भारत मेरा देश है/ ভারত আমার দেশ /இந்தியா எனது நாடு /ભારત મારો દેશ છે/ ಭಾರತ ನನ್ನ ದೇಶ / भारत माझा देश आहे / ਭਾਰਤ ਨੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਦੇਸ਼ ਹੈ /
    بھارت میرا ملک ہے / भारत मेरो देश छ /…………………………………………../……………………………………
    India is my country. It is a holy land of South Asia. From Vedic civilization to modern age of science and reason ,it as been overcoming countless of problems. Bharat or India is that very land where Aryan people could establish rapport with the native Dravidians by being mixed by blood and culture. Although the great civilization of living Aryans brought a sea change in the life of the then Indians, including the Dravidians , the living status of the people at the bank of Indus river must be considered special since the inhabitants of this area were endowed with advanced knowledge, language, administration and new thoughts relating the Earth and Brahma. They thought every particle of this universe belong to Brahma. The Vedas, Upanishad and other scriptures were written in Sanskrit language . Then the most flourished and mass spoken language was “Sanskrit” . All the people of the vast land of Bharat or India used to use only ‘Sanskrit’ in every field of social living.
    With the changes and evolution India began to change itself very rapidly. The Vedic society proved the superiority of Indian people in all respect. By cultivating fertile land and keeping cattle for pulling carts and collecting meat and milk, most of the families of the then society reached the culmination in economy and scientific thoughts. The imagination of ‘Arya Bhatt’ and others may be counted in connection to ‘Sanatan’ meaning “ eaternal or continual’ process of running the human society with the ever new living process. Then the people using their super brain constructed roads, streets, and houses. New vehicles like chariots and carts came into existence. With a view to spreading education ,people set up educational institutions. The only language , Sanskrit was accepted as the only recognized language of instruction. Thus the powerful ‘SANSKRIT LANGUAGE ‘ ruled over the inhabitants of this vast land of Mahabharata.
    While the well developed Bharat was proceeding towards the goal of peaceful progress, the foreign aggressors, including Hun, Mughal, and British attacked Bharat and ruled. From then different foreign languages mingled with the Sanskrit and generated different languages, as a result of evolution., All Indian languages are the offspring of Sanskrit. Hindi , Bengali, Assamese , Oria, Marathi, Nepali and many other languages of this India are well rooted in the soil of SANSKRIT language.
    In the context of present Indian structure, the language problems are aggravating the national feelings. It is fact that Hindi is spoken in many states of Northern and Central India including U.P, Delhi, Haryana and Madhypradesh. South Indian people speak in Tamil, Karnataki, Telegu and Malayam languages. People of West Bengal speak in Bengali .Assamese , Orya and even Manipuri languages are well related with Bengali, which is originated from Sanskrit.
    Greater India was divided into Pakistan and India by instigating religious fanaticism . Though people of West Pakistan speak in Urdu language , the people of East Pakistan speak in Bengali and not for common Muslim religion but for uncommon language the Muslim country Pakistan again broke . The religion could not keep control of East Pakistan and a new country Bangladesh was born upholding the demand of mother tongue in national level. For supremacy and dominating attitude of the Urdu speaking people, the Bengali speaking people of East Pakistan revolted and got separated from Pakistan. Now the newly born ‘Bangladesh’ is being ruled with ‘Bangla, as the national language.
    Since Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages, only ‘SANSKRIT’ can be accepted as the only national language. Urdu is an Indian language . From Sanskrit we have got Hindi and from Hindi the language of ‘Urdu’ was born. In Urdu only alphabet has been borrowed from Arabian but the phonetic or sentence sound has been borrowed from Hindi. India has given due importance to all provincial languages and they have been accepted as the recognized national languages.
    If Sanskrit can not be accepted as Single national language for any problem, the language “ Hindi” must not occupy the place by dishonoring other provincial languages. In absence of ‘Sanskrit’ neither Hindi nor Bengali which are siblings can be accepted as the guardian language. On the contrary ‘English’ is one of the easiest languages of the world and can be used without hating it as a foreign language. To keep contact with the world people such a language may be utilized. Now English is not the language of only England dwellers , it is the loving languages of the people of all regions and continents. By using only 26 letters the language ‘English’ has been conquering the hearts of world people. We, Indians should respect everybody’s mother tongue. To express our views and exchange of knowledge such an easy international language is very essential. We should think if Rabindranath Tagore would not translate his great book of poems “ GITANJALI’ into English , the Nobel Prize would never come to his wallet.
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