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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Americans Join with Israel to Kill Palestinians

    Americans Join with Israel to Kill Palestinians

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    I heard on CNN, that Americans are joining the conflict in Palestine. This is the equivalent of me joining with Mike Tyson in the ring to beat up on Michael Jackson. In fact over 1,000 Americans serve in the Israeli Armed Forces.

    I think Americans serving in foreign military services is bad policy and should be looked into. In fact I think it should become a question of law at the United States Supreme Court. And I will explain why. We all know I do not agree with the lie that has caused and is causing the world so many problems. I clearly stated I have a problem with Israel's existence as a state or government, whereby the true citizens of that land cannot benefit from any of the good money America sends to Israel only to control and suppress the middle east. Yet Americans are over there fighting side by side with them. Yet we have not declared Palestine an enemy of our nation. But claim we want to help find a solution.

    Nations that allow Americans to join their military include France, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and yes Russia. Eric Snowden has the constitutional right to serve in the Red Army. I have the right to serve in the Red Army. So supposed Russia take sides with Palestine, do I have the right to go over there to fight side by side with the Russians against Israel and thereby be at war with Americans in a war that has nothing to do with America. Now if I was to go over there, who do you think would win?

    Especially when it comes to Israel and Russia, these are two nations that the United States must maintain a unique relationship with. And to say all Americans have the right to choose either side in the last days, is a recipe for disaster.

    Because I know there could never be peace on earth as long as the world praises Satan, in his many names to include Allah, Jesus Christ, Jehovah and Yahweh. There imbedded hatred is all based on an illusion. And the foundation of this lie is that those people, who have caused trouble everywhere they go, because of the lie that they are God's chosen people, yet they clearly told the world Jesus Christ is a lie, but people think they know better than those who have been spreading lies since who knows when. "The Jews are stupid, Jesus Christ came and will return," they think in their minds these ideas. Not knowing the world has been bamboozled. And Satan is in control of them. And as long as Satan rules, no matter what we build it will be destroyed and America is in the plans.

    The question of law: If America supports Israel over me and Russia sides with all who joined together against the common enemy so-called Israel, under current law, can I lead the Red Army against Israel making me an enemy of my American counterparts. The policy that allows Americans to assist foreign nations at war and remain American citizens, may comeback to haunt America.

    See we all know the war of wars can become what is to take place in the Middle East and soon. I have nothing against the people of Israel, but I am against this Zionist State, There can be but one Palestine, one government for all the people, these Zionist must duly recognize themselves as immigrants and there must be equal rights, meaning all of them share the same schools and drink from the same water fountain and live as neighbors or America too will have to be destroyed. Because the Master Plan was to destroy America, this was to be the fall of America and world domination by Israel as a front to the Illuminati who they are the hands.

    As long as there is an Israel on this planet, the world will not recognize me and America knows this and therefore at some point will have to make a choice. To honor Israel is to dishonor me! And until they admit I am the Lord, I know them to be liars.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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