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    Avon Park, Florida
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    The Israel and Palestine Compromise

    The Israel and Palestine Compromise

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    First of all, let us recognize the reality. Palestine has about a 1.13 million workforce, with a GDP of $10B. And Israel has workforce of about 3.2 million and a GDP of about $305B. So any real agreement for temporary peace, until we decide how Satan will gracefully accept defeat or be totally destroyed by the Lord, I am all for peace in the middle east.

    Israel will accept that Palestine based on these economic disparities has the right to feel that they are under the occupation of a tyranny government that never meant them any good. The Jews are meaner to the Palestinians that the Nazi's were to them. The German's gave them a chance, they just tried to be too powerful in a foreign land. The German just happen to be higher up the food chain and is the greatest economy in Europe today. But they say Hitler was half Jewish? It would seem that Zionism is a partnership between German and Jew.

    Israel clearly symbolizes to the world the condoning of racism. The Jewish race, the bloodline of Isaac or whoever, because it is all a line of bullshit. You can see I am black, but to tell you the truth as a descendent of slaves it hard to figure out my bloodline to the beginning. All it means is that they think they are a superior race and met with their maker. They claim they are God's gift to mankind and they are Satan's curse upon the world. Everywhere they go is war and mayhem. And people are like afraid of them, like if God is going to get you if you don't let them get you all the time. But it is the other way around.

    They are doing now, what we make such a big deal about in America in the 1960's or even worst than the Apartheid. Forget not drinking from the same water fountain, they said, I am God's chosen people, making them too good for you middle east niggers and therefore if you even cross this line, you will be considered and threat and be shot on the spot. They do this in the name of God? Well I tell you, I have not a bodyguard at my door step and fear no evil, because God is with me. They are so afraid, because they know they are a bunch of liars. Hell they tried to nuke New York City on 9/11 and I know because we sold them the dud. They thought they had it figured out and had to pick one to know it works. But what people fail to realize is that the Devil can only do what he do, he cannot be original. I knew probably a year in advance which suitcase bomb they would select. So they know I feel no pity for them, because they are wrong, the world is in trouble and they need to stop the bullshit.

    I tried to be nice and say it is the state of Israel and not the people. But we all know why a Jew remains a Jew. It has nothing to do with God and everything to do with worldly possessions. It is hard as hell to be a poor Jew. You have to be a real dumb ass on some serious heroin or a family outcast to be broke and Jewish. They conceal the truth for financial benefits. It is a code that allows worldly possessions. But their day is up. You can hear the voices of the people from all the lands, crying in support for Palestine the victims of these evil aggressor. World opinion is changing and America cannot afford to me for them, if for know reason but being on the right side of history. Being liked I cannot enforce, but being respected that is the new day.

    The deal is this, we must at least triple the Palestine Budget and give them at least $20B to $30B in funding for economic development. America can supervise this with the UN. I feel $10B should come from Israel if they are to make any demands. They do not have the right to anything they do not directly pay for. They must pay for the peace the request. The United States should pitch in $10B in Aide to the oppressed Palestinian people. And Germany should come up with $10B for sending these crazy ass people to the middle east to begin with. The only solution is financial aide to the Palestinian people, with only one agreement, no more fighting or spending this money on weapon, because they will be busy learning about how things are about to be under the new management of the living God. They need to learn the right skills to develop a stronger economy and if they are of faith, they know all will workout in time. Educate their children with truth.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones - aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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