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    Posted July 28, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    USA sides with Hamas. Whats next?

    Last Friday US secretary of state, John Kerry, offered Israel a ceasefire that he came up with when talking to Qatar and Turkey.

    This ceasefire agreement the Mr. Kerry gave to Israel and that Obama tried to force Israel to agree to is actually exactly what Hamas want. Does that make any sense???

    The USA siding with Hamas? Its a terror organization, it's side b side with "al qaeda".

    Did I miss something when I was sleeping? Does the US now support al qaeda???

    In case you think I'm way off, maybe you should take a look at who else is in total SHOCK from Kerry proposal to Israel.

    Egypt - can NOT believe that the USA would agree to side with Hamas. Egypt is AGAINST Kerry idea for ceasefire.

    Palestinian Authority (Abu abbas) - can NOT believe that the USA would agree to side with Hamas. The Palestinian Authority is the rightful representative of the Palestinian people/. They are in the U.N. and the only recognized government of the Palestinians. They are SHOCKED that Kerry agrees to all of Hamass demand and even more SHOCKED that Kerry did not talk with them, since they are the ONLY legitimate representatives f the Palestinians.

    Saudi Arabia - a long time US ally, is SHOCKED that Kerry would side with a terror group that is fully backed by Qatar and Iran.

    You know who else should be shocked - YOU!!!

    When the USA deiceds to take the side of the worst terror countries and organizations in the world (Qatar- number one funder of Hamas and other terror in the world, Iran - wants to NUKE Israel and western civilization, Hamas- terror org that kills civilians from all nations),

    You should be SHOCKED and very very WORRIED.

    North america and Europe, if you think that once Israel is gone (which will NEVER happen), the Muslim terror will leave you alone, you have one major surprise coming your way.

    Oh, and by the way, you are already to late.


    Better choose wisely with who you should side, you do not want to wake up one morning and find out that...

    note: I am for peace in the middle east and have voted for this many times.
    Peace can not be achieved when a super power backs a terrorist group instead of a legitimate government.
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