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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    The History Behind the Gaza Strip


    Israel was established in 1947. It was a resolution to give the Jewish people a land after world war II. It was a long dream and hope to have the Jerusalem controlled by the jewish community again. The area was loosely controlled by British rule, however it is surrounded by countries that are strongly against the Jews having that land.


    Within a year of Israel being established it was put into it first war. The Arab-Israeli War (1948) The Arabs living under British rule were not happy with the idea of taking in all of the Israeli refugees and giving them a government. Arabs and Jews were fighting with each other since 1917, The establishment of Israel was the last draw.


    Israel considered the war of 1948 their war of Independence. Israel had to fight off Arabs and Palestinians from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. Not only did they end up winning but they took over land around.


    The result of this war also caused some 700,000 Palestinian refugees from their homes in now Israel. Israel is a country surrounded by bitter and angry Arabs who feel their land was stolen and given away.


    In 1948 the Gaza Strip was controlled by a Palestinian government that was recognized by the Arab legion, but no other countries in the world. In 1956 There was the Suez canal incident in which Egypt fought the western powers over the control of the canal, Israel attacked the Gaza strip and Sinai Peninsula however we forced to withdrawal after Egypt won control of the canal. 1958 Egypt took control of the Gaza strip.


    In 1967, there was a 6-day war, this was the third battle in which Israel launched attacks against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The cause of the war was due to constant clashes with Syria over border disputes. Egypt having some military preparation at nearby airfields caused Israel to go onto the offensive.


    This victory for Israel gave them the Gaza strip from (Egypt), Sinai Peninsula (Egypt), West Bank (Jordan) and the Golan Heights (Syria) Upon the victory, Israeli's settled into about 20% of the Gaza strip. This lasted until 2005
    1979, Egypt and Israel signed a treat giving Egypt the Sinai Peninsula back provided it stays demilitarized


    In 1994 the Oslo Accords were signed. This was the documentation to give Palestinian governing rule over the Gaza strip. However the peace between the Palestinians and Israel was short lived.


    In the Year 2000, the second Intifada begun Radical Groups like Hamas and Other Jihadist groups formed Palestinian guerrilla forces, and begun what we see today, many rocket attacks, suicide bombings, public protests and more... Israel began to construct strict border and fences to separate the two
    2005, all of the Israeli's that moved into the Gaza-strip were evicted and forced back to Israel, That's 9,000 people. This was the end of the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip.


    2007 there was a civil war in the Gaza strip for rule over the land. Two factions was Hamas and Fatah. Fatah was supported lightly by Israel as they had decent relations, much better than Hamas. This was a bloody battle that ultimately ended with Hamas taking over the Gaza strip as the primary leaders.


    In 2008 was the Gaza wars. This is almost identical to today. Israel And Hamas had a 22 day war against each other involving over 3,000 rockets fired into Israel, and Israel launching air strikes destroying critical locations such as schools, medical facilities and more. Israel Claimed that Hamas hid weapons and launched attacks purposely from there using their people as shields. Thousands of people died over this conflict and rockets continued to fire even after a cease fire agreement was made. thousands of Palestinians were killed compared to Israel's 22.


    In 2010 there was a blockade setup by both Egypt and Israel, but over time was this was forced to end by the UN as it was not able to get enough aid to assist Gaza and was starving out the people in the Gaza Strip.


    Today is the latest conflict. The conflict was started with the abduction of 3 Israeli teen's in which Israel found to have been killed by Hamas and burred in a remote field. This led to airstrikes and rocket attacks. And has now escalated to a full scale invasion by Israeli forces to destroy Hamas's ability to attack Israel through tunnels and rockets.


    Here are some things to take note of:


    Israel is aggressive because it has to be. (It is surounded by Countries that want to destroy them.)


    The rockets from Hamas are not very useful. Most of them are shot down by Israel's Iron Dome. Every once and a while there is a stray.
    Israel has killed almost 50 time more and has done millions more damage to the Palestinians vs the dame done to Israel.


    Hamas knows it cannot win, thus tries to demonize Israel by forcing them to attack schools and temples (by hiding their weapons and soldiers there)
    The Gaza strip is blocked off by two sections, Israel and Egypt, both do not what to let the Palestinians get out.
    Hamas was elected to lead the Palestinians


    A majority of the rockets Hamas have fired were from Iran.


    Israel did give up occupation of the Gaza strip, moved its settlers out, and lifted blockades as peace gestures.


    My own thoughts...
    Israel has fought in many wars in the last 60 years to protect their land. There does not seem to be a way for the Palestinians and Israel to co-exist at this rate. The only logical conclusion I can see is Israel taking over the Gaza strip and moving the people into Syria once the civil war is over. There will be lots of land to fix up and cities to repopulate. Israel is aggressive to defend themselves, but rightfully so. This also should have no direct US involvement as this is an International crisis. The Palastinians do not seem to want peace, or else they would not elect a leadership that prefers terrorisim of deplomacy.

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