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    Posted July 29, 2014 by
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    The bloody, cursed wave of brutality, violence and destruction has reached a newer and higher amplitude; whose credit goes to no other than the ‘great’, ‘peaceful’, and so called ‘peace loving oppressed’ of Israel; who are so ‘harmonious’ that they killed more than a thousand hopes, destroyed thousands of homes, widowed hundreds of women, orphaned several children and feel no remorse upon the Niagara Falls of martyred innocents. I have been driven to believe that I truly have no knowledge of the English language whatsoever, because in my dictionary the word ‘terrorists’ means the ones who are the source of chaos but I guess I must be wrong. Honestly speaking, I think that the real definition of terrorist is small innocent children and men and women who are bombed every day and judging on the basis of what is happening currently in the world I strongly believe that ‘peaceful people’ would mean the blood thirsty wolves who love to cause destruction and then blame it on the poor and innocent ‘terrorist’ who once gave them refuge when they were being blasted by Hitler. No dear readers! The meanings in the dictionary still remain the same however the United Nations and Israel present these meanings in a totally different way.
    I ask the United Nations, I ask the Human rights committee, I ask all the supporters of Israel that on what basis is Israel not to be blamed for such huge chaos. The current figures of deaths are: Israel 32 SOLDIERS and Palestine 1065 CIVILIANS. Now I ask you, the reader, who is the oppressed? Who is merely defending itself? Is it Israel? Really? Is the ratio 32:1065 not clear enough to tell who is only defending itself? Even a dog in Israel is safer than a human in Palestine but why? Where is the Amnesty international now? Oh I know the answer dear readers. These organizations just pose to belong to the entire world however they are just a mirage created by Israel itself. These people are obviously partial because when Iraq breaks 1 UN treaty it gets bombed and sanctioned and when Israel breaks 65 UN treaties it is just defending itself. In fact I am sure that all the supporters of Israel are now going to bomb me since I am the mirror of their crimes; which makes me a terrorist I guess. Get your double standard straight! I am a sixteen year old boy and frankly speaking I feel much terror coming from Israelite side rather than the ‘TERRORISTS’ of Palestine. I feel more chaos coming from the so called “peaceful people.” I question you the media and all the supporters of Israel and humanity, what religion encourages its followers to bomb innocent on their religious festivities? Where is the humanity now? I have been driven to this conclusion that Israel is just another form of Taliban. However I am sure that media and Amnesty International will still side with Israel because their prospect of Peace has been changed into a massacre of innocent CIVILIANS and I myself might be the next target of Israel but I really don’t care. #FREEPALESTINE.
    Muhammad Qasim Noor.
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