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    Spotlight On Author Karyn Pearson

    Are you the type that likes reading about angels and demons? Do you enjoy books featuring vampires and werewolves? Do you like reading about whimsical beings that you don’t know exist yet? Meet Karyn Pearson, author of Spark and Inferno. Ms. Pearson shares some thoughts about working with Distinguished Press, a small publishing company dedicated to helping authors get their stories told and sold. Ms. Pearson selected a small press publisher because, “I knew traditional publishing wasn’t going to be easy on my own.” She also states that “I’m very involved in my in the decision-making process regarding my novels. My publisher makes sure that I’m happy with everything before we proceed.” Ms. Pearson has stated that her favorite part of the writing process is “the excitement of figuring out what happens next.” Her stories are “character driven” so she usually has no idea where the story is going until she sits down to write. She says that working with a small press adds to the excitement of writing because she’s surrounded by other writers that are “just as excited as she is” about the writing process. Ms. Pearson says “Our collective excitement helps feed one another’s muses.” Here is an excerpt from Spark, one of Ms. Pearson’s novels.

    “You must be Ardentia, the infamous huntress that has slain the rest of my family.”
    “The one and only.”
    Superbia laughed again. “And now you have come for me. Well, I do hope Noxius has warned you that I will not be dispatched so effortlessly.”
    “He’s given me plenty warning enough.”
    The demon smiled and shook his head at her. “No, I think not. Allow me to give you a brief history lesson. Do be patient. I am well aware you’d prefer to get on with trying to kill me, but I expect your undivided attention for the time being. Sit,” he extended an arm and with the flick of his fingers, the couch rose, sliding in behind the huntress and the girl, knocking them backwards into its cushions before setting itself back down onto the floor.
    “Pride, you see,” he went on without breaking his stride, “is a rather dangerous weapon. Where we stage our final confrontation is no coincidence. I chose this place to wait for you because it was once a center of my power. This building was once home to the person who led this Old World nation that you humans now live upon. Behind this desk,” he gestured to the wooden desk before him, “sat many men, all of whom were great orators and leaders of this once great country. They called this desk the Resolute Desk. Every man who has sat behind it has had to live up to the qualities expected of a leader—to resolve to them, embrace them, become them.
    “These leaders led their people with such confidence, through good times and bad. The people followed their leaders blindly, unaware, completely ignorant, for many years. And these leaders grew complacent with this allegiance, never suspecting that one day, there would be those who would rise up against them and fight against their government.
    “The people were proud, arrogant. They thought they could do better. They started a rebellion to take back control of their country. The economies had been driven into the ground. Poverty, sickness, and death ran rampant throughout the nation. Many turned a blind eye to all this pain and misfortune. But others, they sought to change all this. So many people had suffered because of their leaders. They renounced their faith, forsaking God, and named themselves the new gods.
    “However, the pride of these men turned against them. The faithless and the faithful frequently fought, trying to prove to the other who was right. Wars erupted and were fought and won almost on a daily basis. Man was slowly withering away, killing themselves off one by one.
    “Demons rejoiced. For mankind had finally reached an age where God was no longer the all-powerful one upon this earth. We were. And so, we began to rise up, influencing mankind as we went, slipping out through the cracks in Hell’s gates. But of course, His Holiness couldn’t stand idly by whilst his perfect little creations went about massacring one another. So He was forced to intervene and sent His angels down to try to fight us demons back into Hell. We didn’t like that much.
    “Thus, the great war between Heaven and Hell began. From the conflict, mankind’s faith was shaken. They were forced to realize that beings far greater than themselves existed in this world. They began to realize how far from the path of righteousness they had strayed. In floods, they returned to the church, seeking forgiveness and to have their sins absolved. But those with pride, that complex little fatal flaw, they never were the same. Having too much pride can change a person, you see.”
    Superbia paused to walk from behind the desk, making a slow circle around the oval room. He had crossed to the opposite side of the room before he spoke again.
    “Pride has its own way of causing misfortune. Oftentimes, you never do know when it will decide to stab you in the back.”
    If you have a story to tell, just write it. You don’t have to be a famous person with thousands of fans to publish a book. You just have to have a solid story. If you want to find out more about Karyn Pearson, please visit her site at http://kpwrites.net. If you are interested in finding out more about Distinguished Press, visit http://www.distinguishedpress.com
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