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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Israel's Right to Statehood

    Israel's Right to Statehood

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    I was told, I would have to be a politician in the last days. The original position I took, that there cannot be state of Israel and peace lasting peace on earth, is reality, under the current guidelines. And to close them down, I think would cause an immediate world disaster. Israel is a nuclear power, in the middle east and America created them. And if they were willing to kill off 6 million of their own to establish the state of Israel, how fair will they be willing to go to keep it?

    Therefore, my position cannot not be based on the ultimate good, but perhaps a lesser good, but still good, that may set us up into the direction for a long lasting and permanent peaceful solution. I guess, if I should have the right to believe and teach what I believe is the good news, the rules should apply across the board. And therefore the Jews rightfully should have the right to be Jews and the name Israel after all the money that has been invested in creating this nation and we should be able to coexist while I am on earth. Like I said, they were the hands and the head is located in the mountain of Bavaria, where they have been dug in for centuries and we probably could not even penetrate them with bunker busters, because they have been so well insulated. And this is the reality as to what we are up against. We may one day be required to invade Bavaria one day.

    I feel the best way to resolve this is to do what I said do and that is start spending a lot of money at least $30 billion per year on Palestine, from Israel, America, Germany and then the world. Because peace in the middle east is essential to a smooth economic flow, as long as we depend on oil. But, I cannot accept the notion that these poor oppressed people in Palestine are the aggressors. Therefore even if we do not publicly acknowledge that Israel is the aggressor, at least in our secret dialog, we can be honest with ourselves. They migrated out of Europe into the Middle East and mistreated the people who were there before they got there. But they are also the ones responsible for creating Israel into this great nation and 16th in the world economy.

    My position was they should have the political power and be the main business owners, because they developed this economy using their intelligence and technological abilities, which cannot be denied. And it is a fact that if they turned everything over to the Palestinians, it would be a disaster like South Africa was at the end of Apartheid, simply because the emancipated in this case the Palestinians do not have the intellectual ability to maintain that economy. So even if they merged them into one nation and one economy, the same people would be required to run the show anyway. However, such a move would create opportunities for the Palestinian people, to become better educated and more productive, instead of fighting for the right to walk down the block. Because the problem is simple, Israel has everything and Palestine has nothing and for this reason Israel fears that Palestine is a detriment to their security. Why? Because Israel is so selfish, that rather than hand them food pantries, build soup kitchens and give a helping hand to these people, they call they nasty and immoral and shoot them on sight, handing them bullets and bombs. Now these people feel they are doomed either or and regardless of what they do. And therefore have nothing to lose. And I know this feeling.

    My position is this: Let us have a choice of evil and good and an even playing field. The Jews can be the Jews and Israel can be Israel, the Palestinians gain economic development funding to help them build a reasonable economy by teaching their children economic relevant education and not war tactics and hatred.

    The condition is we will be allowed and be respected as the Zews, who are the African American Slaves and I am the emancipator. If Israel has their rights and America wants to support them, I have to have my rights to spread the good news without interferences from them.

    Like anything in the world, decisions on world affairs should be based on what is best for all involved. I should have the right to sell my ideas to the world and they theirs. And ultimately the people should be given a fair choice to choose what is best for them. My position will be they are the Jews and we are and Zews or Jews as describe in the Bible, who were the Zulu's and other African nations who were brought here in bondage to be enslaved for the economic development of this nation.

    Let this be a war of words. Because I know something. Like I said, I usually rebuke before I bless people, because it will be by grace that you all receive your blessings, because nobody even believes this is me other than those who were down from the beginning. Because I know that just like the Mafia sided with us and betrayed the Jews, the Jews will betray the Illuminati before it is over. Because what I have to offer them is more security, important world responsibilities and continued prosperity. They are an educated people, but they are serving the wrong master.

    But God chosen people as they call it, is not a superior race and therefore a basis of practicing racism throughout the world. The fact of the matter is God's chosen people are an inferior race of people, because they do not even know who they are, they lack education, they lack community unity, they lack economic empowerment and is the only race of people on earth that never received their God's name from Satan, but was told to believe in the white Jesus. They are the last, who will be made first and not the first who will remain first, as Israel wants the world to believe.

    You cannot expect me to seat right under these condition, when my own sister dishonors me, in support of this white Jesus lie and the idea that the people of Israel are a superior race that God have placed on earth to cause all kinds of problems for economic gain.

    Therefore the Jews can be the Jews, if we can be the Zews, who we claim is the true Jews as described in the bible. And the lies about me in the media controlled by them must stop telling lies on me, making people think I am crazy and unworthy, when I already paid my dues to be Son of Man.

    If the Jews are to continue to exist as Israel, they will have to give me and not Satan their loyalty and start answering to the United States, instead of Bavaria. I think under these conditions, we will be able to come to a lasting and peaceful resolution. Israel has the right to statehood, but not the right to suppress me and try to pause my work.

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