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    Posted July 29, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Refugees or Illegals? Is America the Country It Once Was?

    These refugee children coming here from Central America is an opportunity for us to show ourselves to the World that America is still the 'shining light' that people aspire to emulate.
    We need only to look to Jordan where hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict take refuge to understand what our responsibility is to those fleeing from the brutality of the governments and drug cartels in Central America.
    And these are children. No different than our own children.
    The United States shares much of the blame for the conditions that exist in these countries where our Foreign Policy and support of the capitalistic interests that have created these conditions in Central America and in Syria.
    We fund the rebels in Syria. Do we give money to Jordan to help with their humanitarian crisis that is caused by our funding?
    We need to address the causes of these children coming to our borders.
    NAFTA has created problems for farmers in Mexico.
    Our failed drug war and policies have created the black market for the cartels in Central America and Afghanistan.
    Americans need to look at the causes and demand that our government stops fueling the crisis by supplying weapons to those that further our government's policies without regard to the consequences.
    It would appear that U.S. Foreign Policy is beginning to come back and bite us in the behind.
    The U.N. has determined that these children are refugees.
    But the money being asked for by Obama from Congress he says is to expedite the children's deportation from here back to their countries where their lives may very well be forfeit.
    What would we think of Jordan were they to demand and force Syrian refugees back to be killed by Assad?
    It's no different with our border and with what's going on in Central America.
    And it's despicable to see American citizens protesting children on a bus who are just scared.
    I feel ashamed of those people who do this.
    They certainly don't represent the America I know and love.
    And they don't speak for me.
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