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    Posted July 29, 2014 by

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    Evade War


    Dear Mr. President Barack H. Obama: Evade war at all costs.  I am not saying there is a diplomatic solution to Russia and North Korea and Iran.  What our nation needs most is prayer.  I had always hoped that Christ would return to a paradise found, but in this case scenario we are with the bear with three ribs in his mouth.  What we need to pray for is not vengeance (killing people, thinking we're doing God a favor) but we must pray for mercy and God will guide this only couple hundred year old country to salvation.  Don't worry about gay rights, thee Apostle Paul said there would be homosexuality, not intended as Sodom, but a personality disorder of elements in today's nature.  God will continue to remember us, for being of assistance to His people Israel (for you shall call Him Emmanuel (for He shall save His people).  Let us break bread and make merry, in the midst of our enemies camped around us.  I have asked of Jesus (George Washington's Prayer for the Nation) to ask of The Father for His protection, the Most High God and Protector: Almighty God.  There is a saying that rings true for the US of A and that is "thou shall not despise our youth" and countries have come and gone with Kings and Queens and Emperors and Sheiks and Pharaohs, but George Washington said our Nation's prayer was to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords our Savior Lord Jesus the Guiding light that came into the World and we did not recognize Him... Our Country is built on rock, because of faith in Jesus.  Let's not lose our reward now and carry on protecting Israel, and The Lord will find favor in us.  This means end the carnage of genocide, and rebuild the paradise that we had planned, for the glory of the coming of the Lord.  I we seek not God's face in this present tribulation... God will turn His back on us, maybe making a people that were not His people, whether it be Israel or the United States.  Such a lengthy letter being built up the Service of the Lord.  We must surrender and serve the Lord and evade war at all costs.  Our forefathers would want this of us, to return to prayer.  My words come out dissected into quick sentences and not paragraphs at all... I cannot pray alone.  I need the brethren to agree that: "Without God, we can do nothing."    I wish thee well Mr. President... Be safe and under the wings of the Mother Hen our Creator.  If we cannot reflect on the meaning Creator... then how can we comprehend that we are creations?  Should He say "creation repenteth Me" or should He say?  "This is My Son, in whom I'm well pleased --- listen to Him."  Meaning: All present and accounted for Sir.  Spill no blood and find "a banquet table set before you, in front of thine enemies... my cup runneth open."  The latter is your reward if we hold steadfast.  Amen Global Imperialism... Brought to you by: pmpbroadcasting@outlook.com , Signed: David M Pedjoe

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