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    My kingdom for a horse


    My kingdom for a horse - Rez your dream


    I was in a forest, a forest that existed long ago. I saw horses, horses living there long ago. I wonder why they are gone. I spread my arms to get connected, to change the present, to bring life back that existed.

    I listen to the song “Blutengel – Down on my knees” … [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHGCE0gPiuI ]
    "Down by the water and up in the sky - I'm searching for you and I wait for a sign ...
    Down by the water and up in the sky - You're searching for me and you wait for a sign ...
    I feel your presence but still I can't see - Beyond the depth of the night you're waiting for me ...
    You feel my presence but still you can't see - Beyond the depth of the night there is only me ...
    I'm down on my knees and I'm crying for you
    Please come and save me from the dark
    You're the moon and the stars
    You're the light in the night
    Please come and protect me from my dreams ...


    Then the magic of the Vitruvian pose worked and rezzed two horses and a caretaker in beautiful handmade clothes appeared. The caretaker spoke to me and I felt why I heard the song:


    [12:35] Mz Marville: the land was landscaped by me, it is kept alive by patron donations and the concept was a collaborative idea for conservation on the behalf of myself and Ursus Broono. However, we wish to remain anonymous as this effort is not about personalities, but rather about awareness for a dying breed of horse, the Spanish Colonial horse. Originally bred by the Spanish approximately 400 years ago, these horses are now facing extinction. They no longer live in Spain, as they were bred by the conquistadors. Later, they became the original horses of the Native Americans. In the 1700's they were the most popular horse on the continent. The sanctuary hopes to educate visitors about the importance of conserving the homeland of these beautiful horses in present day Oklahoma. Where, we are right now, the sim was designed to inspire the sensations one might have in visiting their homeland in Real Life.
    [12:36] Art Blue: thank you Mz and also for the link to your facebook page http://is.gd/mzmarville where one can work out to find the land and how to visit in SL.


    Visit also the project DREAMT FOREST at Santorini Biennale, published at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1152348 running on opensim, access via Hyperjump technology at channel 9036

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