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    Posted July 29, 2014 by
    Tampa, Florida

    Service members get no service with new auto shipping company, IAL


    The Army times did a story about the IAL LLC (International Auto Logistics) company and how service members are not happy with this company. Here is a story about my personal experience with this company. The IAL shipping company was awarded a contract by DOD to ship the personal vehicles of service members who are either moving to or from an overseas location. Prior to this, another company, American Auto Logistics, had the contract. I shipped my truck through the latter company, and it arrived about 2-3 weeks early. When I called customer service someone actually answered the phone. Unfortunately, my wife's car was shipped after IAL LLC was awarded the contract,

    What was immediately clear with this company, was that customer service is lacking. It all started with us arriving at the Vehicle processing center to find out that IAL LLC had cancelled any appointment made before June 2 without letting anyone know.  We ended up spending 4 hours waiting for a space available time.we finally did get the car dropped off with IAL, but the outcome has not been good so far. Not only is the customer service almost nonexistent, but so is her car.

      We shipped the car from Germany on 2 June, and were promised a delivery date of 15 July. When the car made it to Savannah, Ga, I was pleasantly surprised because the company’s web site said the car was on a truck to Atlanta. I was happy because that was 4 weeks ago, and this was going to make the car really early. The problem is, that truck has never arrived to Atlanta. I have tried talking to customer service, but if you are lucky enough to get someone to answer the phone, they tell you that the car is on a truck. I have told them that the web site has displayed this for 4 weeks to which they reply, “I can only tell you what it says on the computer.” I finally got someone at the companies HQ in Savannah to answer the phone, and after lots of yelling and asking her to put herself in my position, she offered me her private line so I can call her back if she fails to call me back in one hour. After waiting approximately two hours, I called her back, and got no answer. My wife did receive an e-mail about an hour later saying the car appeared to be on a trucking plan from Savannah. I tried the direct number several more times leaving messages to call me back. I still have not received a phone call.

      As stated earlier the customer service from this company has been non-existent. You normally get a message telling you to leave your name and number and they will get back to you. Of course I have never been called back and have left innumerous messages. The Army Times has done a story on this situation, and even offered a hotline for members to e-mail with problems. The hotline that was put in the Army Times has also proved useless. I sent an e-mail to that hotline and still have not gotten a response. IAL LLC knows it has a 2 year contract with the military, and could care less about customer service since they know they are good for at least two years. This is one soon to be retired Soldier who wished he had a choice when it came to shipping his vehicle from an overseas duty station.
    John McGlothin

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