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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Palestine Occupation by World Police with Economic Incentive

    The Basis of he Middle East Peace Plan of 2014

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    With the recognition of the economic disparities between the neighboring nations of Israel and Palestine. Israel a $300 billion economy and 16th in the world, while Palestine is a $10 Billion economy. This is like placing a housing projects of 1/3 the population right into the middle of Beverly Hills, California and not expecting a higher crime rates and a less secure environment. Or the need of total disassociation to maintain economic security.

    America has to take the direct responsibility of finding a peaceful solution and therefore something historic has to take place.

    1: Palestine must be voluntarily occupied by Arab Nations that have an interest in a peaceful solution to maintain the flow of oil and at reasonable prices. This will require the total withdrawal of all of Israel troop, the presence of American and UN troops from Arab Nations.

    2: $30 Billion immediate aide goes directly to Palestine and the people of Palestine, to begin the develop of an economy that needs no military forces and cannot be invaded by Israel under any conditions. Because they will have no military, the concerns of terrorism would be handled by an internal agency like our FBI.

    3: America and the European & Arab Nations, will pay for the defense of Palestine, by providing military forces, and thereby making any future aggression from Israel an act of war against the world nations. And the act of terror a responsibility of the world nations.

    3: The world economy must assign a lucrative service exclusive to Palestine to insure continued economic prosperity in the same nature of places like Taiwan. Give the people a quality of life protected by the world police based on the reality of our need for peace in that area to maintain a sustainable world economy.

    I think a decision by a world council that I hereby sanction, will carryout the order to officially occupy Palestine by voluntary means to some by force to others, send in money immediately, begin social programs and open hospitals, create jobs and if those crazy people screw up my investment, I will have a problem with them and will shut them down by force.

    Because the world will have to agree to the occupation of Palestine and the exit of Israel contingent to their financial support of $10 Billion. Now the question is do I have to pay it for them, being they are Jews?

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano
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