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    Posted July 30, 2014 by
    Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Israel's Policy Failure is Self Evident


    The current conflict is evidence of the ineffectiveness of Israel's policy toward Gaza and the West Bank. Repeating the failed actions of the past and hoping for a different result is an indication of political insanity.


    The militaristic approach has historically failed time and time again to quell resistance or reduce animosity toward the Jewish state among the Palestinian people. The likelihood that the current assault will lead to any kind of lasting peace or even substantially increased security is exactly nil. On the contrary, the devastation and death now occurring will incite further hatred and resentment and produce greater numbers of fanatical Jihadists among the survivors.


    Any reader of the Hamas 1988 charter, to which the organization still adheres, must conclude that Israel will not soon be able to come to diplomatic terms with the religious and political zealots that form the leadership and core of Hamas. Any political solution must include the ouster of these extremist, albeit democratically elected, leaders from the government of Gaza. This objective will never be accomplished by military strikes nor by handing Hamas a victory by acceding to its current political demands.


    Israel must somehow change the hearts and minds of a sufficient number of Gaza's impoverished and isolated citizens to allow a more moderate political party, e.g. Fatah, to regain control of government there. Again, this cannot be done militarily. Netanyahu's government must make a partner of the Palestinian Authority in the political process. It must demonstrate concrete benefits to the Palestinian people of peaceful cooperation and coexistence, the possibility of which exist at least tenuously with the West Bank leadership.


    The first step to achieving this cooperation is addressing the issue of the West Bank settlements once and for all. Sadly for the Jews who have made their homes there, they must accept Palestinian rule or relocate as a necessary cost of lasting peace. The Palestinian negotiators must similarly accept that jurisdiction over Jerusalem is not on the table. An agreement that renounces terrorism and provides for the security of citizens on both sides of the border will benefit everyone. Such an agreement must include a ban on long range weapons on the Palestinian side as well as a ban on Israeli incursion into Palestinian territory.


    Israel and its allies must then act as midwives to the birth of a legitimate Palestinian state in the West Bank. The fledgling nation will require considerable political and economic support and the establishment of free trade in order to flourish. A flourishing population will eschew violence and conflict as the currently impoverished and oppressed citizenry never will.


    The achievement of these goals must be shown to the world and the Palestinian people as a reward for the reasonable behavior of the West Bank government through the current crises. It must be demonstrated to the residents of Gaza that Hamas' doctrine of violence and conquest is counter to their interests and that a moderate and peaceful government can lead them to peace and at least relative prosperity.

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