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    Famous Historical Figures Who Suffered From STDs


    Diseases do not discriminate between the famous and the ordinary, and it’s been this way forever. You might think of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) to be one of the modern day diseases, but that’s not true. STDs are known to exist since 1494. In 1494, French troops were plagued by syphilis while they had besieged Naples (this was the first ‘recorded’ incident).

    From there onwards, STDs swept across Europe, and took more than five million lives. And ever since then, STDs have continued to be one of the deadliest and incurable diseases until modern day medicines and treatment came to mankind’s rescue. Today, there are advanced medications and community like http://www.positivesingles.com/ that help people suffering from STDs connect and bond with each other.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most famous historical figures who had fallen prey to STDs.

    Adolf Hitler
    The man behind one of the greatest wars in history was in a constant battle with many illnesses; and one of those was syphilis. The physical conditions that he suffered from towards the end of his life stand as evidences, proving that Hitler was affected by it. Chronic insomnia, constant itching, palsy (a kind of paralysis), and stomach infections are some of the strongest symptoms found in people suffering from syphilis. And Hitler suffered from all these ailments. Also, Hitler’s most preferred physician was well known as a specialist for treating syphilis.

    Christopher Columbus
    Many historians believe that STDs were brought back to Europe by Columbus and his shipmates. They explored the world, introduced people to the New World, and carried STDs on their way back home. On the other hand, there are also historians who believe that Columbus might have spread STDs from Europe to the newly discovered America. In fact, Columbus and his crew might have sparked the outbreak of STDs on a global scale. The man himself wasn’t spared. He got infected with the disease and lost his life to it.

    One of the grand masters of music and probably one of the ‘rock stars’ of his times, Beethoven, was a victim of syphilis too. It’s not surprising to know that a celebrated musician can have an indulgence which could lead to sexually transmitted diseases! The doctor, who treated the maestro, had claimed that Beethoven was suffering from syphilis. Also, there have been certain speculations that Beethoven lost his hearing ability because of the disease.

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    The cause of Napoleon’s death was arsenic poison. During his times, doctors used to provide huge doses of arsenic to syphilis patients. Although it’s a proven poison now, it was considered as a syphilis treatment back in those days. Napoleon was exiled to an island where he spent his last days and eventually died. Many believe that on the island, Napoleon was taking arsenic as he was affected by syphilis. But instead of curing him, arsenic caused his death.

    Abraham Lincoln
    This claim is quite controversial yet it has existed for a long time; Abraham Lincoln was under treatment for syphilis. The great president’s friend and law-partner, William Herndon, claimed that he had heard about it from Lincoln himself. According to Herndon, Lincoln presumed that he had probably caught syphilis from a lady whom he had met during his wrestling days. Plus, there are evidences of Lincoln consuming mercury pills, which were used as a remedy for syphilis in those times.

    Earlier, people had to keep their STDs a secret. However, thanks to the technical advancements, open mindedness of today’s era, and online std dating options, singles suffering from a number of sexually transmitted diseases can now find true love and happiness.

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