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    Posted July 30, 2014 by
    Montgomery, Alabama
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    My 'Aha' weight-loss moment happened around two years ago...in March of 2012.


    I was always a larger person, even in high school. But I played sports so my larger size was actually a benefit to me. The largest I ever got in high school was around 220 lbs...during the summer of my Junior to Senior year. But because I played football and wrestled, I was active. Thus I would eat what I wanted without thinking of what it would do to me.


    But that changed when I got to college. As most people, my active level dropped significantly. I did play the occasional intramural sports...but nothing to the extent of high school. And to make matters worse, my eating habits did not change. So during my 4 years of undergrad work in college, I saw my weight jump from around 210 to probably 240.


    And grad school was no different....I went from 240 to about 255. But the problem for me was I never really say myself as large because I had been it all my life so there was no real thought of how big I really was.


    I moved to a new city where I got my teaching job and noticed something unusual...during the first two years I saw my weight drop from 255 to around 235. This was due mainly to eating at fewer times in the day, not snacking so much, and being on my feet walking around.


    Then came my 'Aha' moment...


    A friend of mine...who was in his mid- to late-50s...began posting on Facebook about how much he was going to the gym. It got me thinking about what he was doing so I asked him. He was getting in shape to run a 5K. I had never done a 5K before and thought it would be an amazing opportunity.


    I joined the local Planet Fitness and began to use a C25K (Couch-2-5K) app on my phone. I also used a calorie counting app to keep track of my eating habits. What a surprise to see JUST how many calories were in some of the foods I used to eat.


    From March of 2012 to about November 2012 I lost another 20 lbs. Now I did not do anything drastic to change my diet. I still ate the things I wanted and drank sodas (which I know are bad for you), but I cut down on portions. So at the beginning of 2013 I was down to about 210.


    Over the course of the next year and a half I went from 210 to now my weight of 185. I look back and realize just how big I was. And it was something I did not understand at first regarding my weight. Since weight is such a sensitive subject, I never had anyone really come up to me and encourage me to lose weight. It was just something I wanted to do on my own.

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