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    Posted July 31, 2014 by
    Hughesville, Maryland
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    The lure of lighthouses

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    Point Look Out Lighthouse Maryland Most Haunted in the USA


    Point Look Out Lighthouse is located at the southern most tip of the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.
    This is also where the Potomac River makes her entrance.
    The house was lit in September of 1830 for the first the time.
    In 1634 Leonard Calvert, the first Governor of the Maryland Colony claimed the point as his personal manor .
    Through the American Revolution and again during the War of 1812 a British invasion was always a possibility. The point served as a look out for the British fleet.
    In 1830 the federal government constructed the light house at the tip.
    During the Civil War, In 1862 with the unsuccessful capture of Richmond by General George B. McClellan, the federal government erected Hammond Hospital to treat the wounded and sick soldiers. A year later, after the Battle of Gettysburg, Union authorities started moving Confederate soldiers to Point Lookout for incarceration. Basically a wooden pen was built with mere tents to house the prisoners. During the Civil War years over 50,000 prisoners were held captive.Over 4,000 died at the camp from starvation, blistering summer heat and frigid winters.
    I live in Southern, Maryland. When I visit Point Look Out, I stand on the shore, then walk through the camp area, rebuilt barracks and try to imagine having to live under such harsh extremes. The wind off the bay is brutal in the winter, the sweltering heat and humidity in the summer unbearable. As visitors we have the luxury of the beautiful beach, swimming , boating, crabbing , air conditioned restaurants and snack bars. They did not.
    That being said leads to a most interesting point of Point Look Out Lighthouse. It is said to be the most haunted lighthouse in the USA. Program's such as 'Mystery Hunter's' 'Weird Travels' and 'Haunted Lighthouses' have featured The state owned Point Look Out Lighthouse and the surrounding beach recreation area, old prison camp, burial grounds, officer and enlisted barracks. Most have been refurbished or built to specifications.
    Dr. Hans Holzer, renowned Parapsychologist and his team of experts said in1980 after an thorough investigation that the light house was a hot bed of paranormal activity.
    Today the haunted tales left by generations of ship wrecks, storms, war battles, famine, starvation and disease are studied by parapsychologist, ghost buster's or just the curious.
    The PLLPS Inc or Point Look Out Lighthouse Preservation Society offer para normal tours with paranormal investigators from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM, scheduled dates. They run $50.00 a person. The proceeds go to the preservation of the light house and grounds.
    There have been many sightings of entities, apparitions of soldiers, children, light house keeper Ann Davis, orbs, vapors, cone like lights, doors slamming, foot steps, talking, moans, strange smells and cold spots.
    It is noted you may or may not see or hear a ghost.
    I checked the reservation calendar this afternoon. The tour has been booked since January and will not reopen for new tours until September.

    Will I schedule a tour?
    Not sure....just standing on the other side of the fencing around the old lighthouse gave me the creeps.
    To check out ghost tales from the Point check out this link.
    If you love history or ghost busting this may be the trip for you.


    Photography Janie Lambert
    Point Look Out Maryland
    June 24 2012

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