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    Posted July 31, 2014 by

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    SAUCE – A call for an Open End


    Take me away
    Bring me a dream
    I will leave reality
    I'll be with you
    Close to the edge
    Of my strangest fantasies
    I'm feeling free
    [My darkest nights, lyrics by Blutengel]


    Yesterday we had to celebrate GOOD BYE SAUCE, to be correct Good Bye SAUCE by Maya Paris. Time has come to make room for another installation. It is nothing wrong when things come to an end. Many things have to end to give the beginning value. But when something has gained value it makes one sad to see the end. So I was sad arriving at LEA25 – Linden Endowment for the Arts sim 25. Knowing some weeks ago Maya Paris asked for free land to keep her installment LE CACTUS alive. For all I know she is still searching for a home for Le Cactus. No need to say that all installments of Maya Paris have the value to be kept, to be shown, to be presented forever. It is like someone offering a hanging mobile by Alexander Calder and the answer of the museum is “no space in the showroom, let´s find a box in the cellar for it” -- now it comes to technology – “the box”, called the inventory, gets rotten in time as - just an example - there will be no 3d-viewer software working to open old boxes. All signs are pointing to “THE END”. After more than 10 years the product life cycle ends, has to end. There is no workable way to safe “the life” in it when there shall a business model running on it. I don’t want to accept such ends for pieces of digital art. Happily I am not alone as the Recodeproject  shows. Pieces of value shall be stored in a way so the content of “the box” can be opened and explored by future generations in the way it was done and meant by the anchestors. That’s “A call for an Open End”. Give SL the bridge to bring art to Opensim technology and let a word, spoken by Torley Linden in 2008, come true:


    “Our gridnauts have succeeded. A joint team of intrepid adventurers have succeeded from IBM ... Within the space of about several seconds they have arrived on the OpenSim virtual world. … Observe how inventory was transferred sending signals back to the distant research stations upon recognition of the desired coordinates the gridnauts celebrated. That’s one small step for an Avatar, one giant leap for virtual worlds.”

    [Excerpt from “The End”, being published in rez Magazine, August 2014]



    You ask “how can this work?” Read an article about one of the first artists showing a dual world installation: Gem Preiz, The Cathedral Dreamer at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1072976 - and make a visit on opensim.


    Let the gridnauts who have been on the closing party of SAUCE become witnesses for the “one giant leap for virtual worlds”:



    Art Blue, Brannigan Catnap, Bryn Oh, Byrnedarkly Cazalet, Claire MxDonnagh, Claudia222 Jewel, Derek Sienkiewicz, Dividni Shostakovich, Edaauler, Eifachfilm Vacirca, Flexatum, FreeWee Ling, Frequency Picnic, Healer Ladybird, Hedge Runner, Hkalegre Koba, Huntress Cattaneo, Hypatia Pickens, Iooov, Kikas Babenco, Kinnaird, L1Aura Loire, Marmeduke Arado, Maya Paris, Melvin Starbrook, Merisana, Mia Quinote, Moti Moody, Naxos Loon, Nerorhea Supermarine, Nitro Fireguard, Paradox Messmer, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Piedra Lubitsch, Raskolnikow Roffo, Sherlockluv, Simontron Aquila, Stefanie66, Teslavoltage, Vincent Aycliffe, Wizzard Gynoid, Xaudreyhadissonx, Xena Innis, Zella Kabila … and many others, like CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur [donators of The Fish Avatar to SAUCE], I have missed as I was arriving late.

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