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    What Would You Do? What Would You Want Our Country to Do?


    As war rages in many parts of the world, most of the world’s collective attention has been given to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. For some reason this conflict has been able to penetrate and hold the short attention span of Americans and other people around the world. The conflict has even been so captivating that some people around the world have taken to the streets in protest against Israel. Somehow the march of ISIS across Iraq and all the blood and gore that has gone with it did not draw much attention, it certainly did not spark a demonstration in the streets. Even a downed jet liner in the war between Russia and Ukraine only held our attention for a day or two…what makes the conflict in Gaza different?

    Maybe it is the religious significance of the conflict as we think about Biblical prophecy. Maybe it is the latent anti-Semitism that has existed for ages that has been bubbling under the surface. Maybe it is the David and Goliath set up, big bad Israel lording over itty bitty Hamas. Maybe it is the discrimination angle; the mean Jews treating the Muslims as second class citizens. Who knows, but whatever the case it has gotten me to thinking about what it would be like if our nation was attacked.

    Many around the world see the US as a large bully that uses its money and weapons arsenal to interfere in the workings of other countries and resent us for it. Many around the world, hate Americans no matter how our politicians attempt to shape our image and no matter how much humanitarian aid we give. Many around the world see the US as racist, still holding blacks back, discriminating against poor immigrant trying to cross our borders for a better way of life and sustaining white privilege.

    What happened if the drug cartels of Central and South America decide to attack us citing that we are not giving them access to a better way of life? What happens if other super powers around the world arm them and encourage them to attack? What happens then? Will the abject poverty of people from those countries and their inadequate weaponry along with the current border crisis paint the US as the villain and the people of Central America as the victims?

    Would our nation be wrong for using our advanced weapons, earned through exploiting third world countries as believed by some for financial gain to ensure the safety of our citizens? Would our nation be encouraged to stand down? Would our nation and the casualties it inflicted be fodder for international news agency feeds?

    If it were us, what would you want our nation to do? I do realize that there are many people in our nation that are NOT proud to be Americans. They are people that seem to be mired in self-loathing for every bad thing our nation may or may not have done in the course of its existence and maybe they would believe we should lay down arms and take our punishment, but what about the rest of us. What do you think we should do if faced with armed conflict on our borders?

    Would we be wrong to defend ourselves against a weaker opponent? Would we be wrong to put the safety of our citizen above the safety of our attackers? Would we be judged for having too much when so many people around the world have so little?

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