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    Posted July 31, 2014 by
    United States
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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    Gaza Truth

    When 20 beautiful children were murdered in Newtown, USA... the world was riveted, the grief was palpable. It mattered not what their ethnicity was, what their religion was, what their socioeconomic status was, what they looked like. Only thing that DID matter was that they were innocent, unsuspecting children whose lives were brutally cut short, ripped from the hearts of their parents.
    We all identified with the grief whether we were parents or not but because we were HUMAN. It was a heinous act. There was outpouring of support, intense media coverage and people challenged the gun lobby…enough was enough... these were children murdered for God’s sake.
    A world away, more than 200 children (just as beautiful as those of Newtown) have been murdered in the last few weeks and STILL ARE BEING MURDERED!! These children were denied a life of dignity as they were already born into oppression and Israeli occupation. They NEVER did have a normal beginning and NOW are being maimed and massacred. The world leaders sit silent and continue to staunchly support Israel. Because what DOES matter here is that these children are Palestinian, they are Muslim and therefore NOT human. They are NOT worthy of compassion or outrage against the war crimes being committed against them. Doesn’t matter, who cares, their existence was/is irrelevant to the Israeli’s mission at hand as they have been given carte blanc to continue the slaughter. What are they chanting in Israel??? ‘No school for Gaza tomorrow because there are no children.’ This is the world we live in. This is the conscience and responsibility of these “world leaders.” I’m heartened by the respect for humanity on full display here. WOW
    You are a shameful, shameful, shameful nation Israel. You disgrace people of your own country and faith who have called you out on your immorality. Jewish Voices for Peace is one organization that has been vehemently standing up for equality and humanity on both sides, not just yours.
    When will this end??? Lives, psyches, have been demolished what more needs to be done?? As I said in my earlier post, Palestinians wait for their death while the Israelis run from it and are paranoid at the mere thought of being hit while supporting their government to annihilate a civilian population that is 50% under the age of 18. Well done Israel, well done. More than that, well done ‘world leaders’ for allowing a massacre to unfold on your watch. You all deserve to sleep peacefully.
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