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    Stop Child Abuse Illegal Immigration!

    It is sick and twisted to send children into danger to illegally cross U.S. borders and expect them and their army of relatives, to follow and stay in the United States after violating immigration laws. It is wrong and it should not be tolerated.

    Are U.S. citizens to believe that Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, countries where people are “walking” away, that each entire country is completely riddled with violence and gangs? They expect the American people should believe that not ONE province in those countries is free of drug violence and gangs, which is the reason why they claim kids have to flee to America, and make such a dangerous trek alone, or with strangers. Sorry, but I find that “story” very hard to believe. The question is: If those people are so afraid of living in the town where they now live, why not “walk” to another province in their own country, which is a lot closer and less dangerous, instead of sending minor children alone to walk and travel thousands of dangerous miles all the way to the U.S. to violate our immigration laws?

    A local charitable organization keeps sending me Emails asking for yet another contribution for the “cause,” but I will not be sending any money this time around because I am fearful that it will only encourage irresponsible people to use children to enter the U.S. illegally, but more disturbing is the fact that kids are being placed in terrible danger and I do no want to give one penny that will be used for any of it. I believe that it would only encourage more unscrupulous people to send kids into very dangerous situations and I cannot have that in my head, what if a child is killed or raped? Not me! Not ever!

    What it is more appropriate, and what I would like, is for the governments of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico to take responsibility for their own people and stop acting as if the U.S. is responsible for the wave of undocumented children jumping the borders, using the excuse that drug use and demands for drugs in the United States is to blame for the immense illegal migration.

    Supposedly, the demand for drugs in America created a dangerous situation in Central and South America, and is the reason why people are sending children alone to flee drug lords and gangs in their countries, which I don’t believe for a second.

    How about blaming drug lords and gang members, producers of drugs in Central and South America? They are making millions? Who is forcing them to produce illicit drugs? The fact is that elected officials in Central and South America, have very little interest in helping their own citizens, and are pleased to see them all leave or being paid off by the drug gangs. Most politicians help themselves to money and power, and there is no secret that many of the same politicians come into office poor and leave with immense fortunes -- they steal it from government funds, or/and make deals with drug lords.

    President Obama should demand that Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries that sit back and allow their citizens to break U.S. immigration laws, take their illegal aliens back, and plug their own borders. Central and South America, and their law breakers should take care of their own problems and clean up their act, and stop blaming the United States for their own troubles.

    The U.S. has its own drug problems, and we are not blaming any country for the production of drugs that keep American citizens addicted. What about taking care of the children and people in the U.S. that need to be rescued from drugs and gangs? In my view that should be the U.S. first priority, not caring for people from a foreign country entering the U.S. by violating immigration laws bringing more problems to our country and costing taxpayers millions in subsidies. What about that? How much more can America do for people entering illegally and violating U.S. immigration laws? When is enough, enough? Ever?

    If the governments of Central and South America really cared for its people, they would put an end to children being used to violate U.S. immigration laws. They would put and end to children making such a long and dangerous trip to the U.S., and would protect children from being used and exploited.

    When will people stop expecting the U.S. to take over responsibility for the entire world? What about caring for U.S. citizens, millions are in need of help. What about the people that are waiting their turn to immigrate, and they are following U.S. immigration laws? Should they be shoved back for those people that are entering the U.S. illegally by using children to break U.S. immigration laws? Just think about that.
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